Spawake Moisturising Deep Purity Face mask

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Hi Friends !
Indian summer is at its hottest best with lots of dust and pollution in the air .What one needs in such times is a deep cleansing skin treatment at least once or twice a week depending upon the skin type and the levels of dirt and grime faced .
As mentioned by me earlier in this post here  that I attended the Kose Launch of Spawake range for Indian beauty market where I also received spawake products as part of a gift hamper I shall now proceed to review the Spawake Moisturising Deep Purity Face mask for all my readers .
Price– Rs 249/- for 60 gms 
What SPAWAKE says – Spawake is formulated with sea-sourced active ingredients and developed under advanced Japanese technology for healthy ,glowing skin.
PROS of Spawake Moisturising Deep Purity Face mask
1. Affordable 
2.Goodness of Sea minerals and sea weeds like Laminaria extracts.
3.Smooth applicaton
4.Leaves skin feeling fresh and invigorated after 20 minutes of application.Reduces dullness.
5. Does not dry the skin ,skin feels soft and supple after use .

CONS of  Spawake Moisturising Deep Purity Face mask

1.Does not reduce blackheads and whiteheads .

Final Verdict –  I give it a  3.8/5 . A good face mask for all skin type sthat gently cleanses and moisturises the face leaving it clean and supple .Alas ! I need deeper exfoliation too where it failed me .But anybody with normal concerns (read non acne /non blemished skin) can definitely benefit from it as a rejuvenating treatment for the skin.

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