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Once ,me and my friends were visiting an ongoing fair in Pragati Maidan (Delhi).Among many stalls our attention was drawn to a stall marked “Know your Future through Astrology “.A few of us agreed to visit the stall for the fun quotient and others who deeply believed in astrology agreed as they were curious to know more about their  future .At that time I had enrolled for undergraduate course in Physics .Amused , I spread my palm in front of the Astrologer for him to predict my future .With his hallmark fanfare and voice modulations , he predicted that I had a very bright future but I was headed for a sharp diversion in my chosen career He also asked me to worship the Sun God regularly and wear certain colored clothes on certain days of the week .We all came back from the fair ,giggling at the predictions of the astrologer .Little did I know at that time that some of it would bizarrely enough ,come true in my future.

Well,as shared by me earlier ,I was pursuing a career in Physics and was planning to go for a research based job .I was an introvert and a bookworm and avoided socializing (except for few close friends ) so this career choice as a research person was very comfortable for me .But upon my Father’s insistence , I appeared for the Medical entrance Exams and got selected .I never had anything against medicine but dreaded mingling with so many new people everyday .After days of continuous debates within our family,I grudgingly relented and joined the medical field to became a doctor .Though I really never routinely worshipped the Sun God ,or wore the chrome clothes on every Sunday as suggested by that Astrologer , yet the predictions did come true !My life had taken an about turn and I was going to explore new horizons .

I did well in my final exams and was offered residency at the Hospital .A residency is considered a very coveted position for a young graduate .After completing the residency, I was lucky enough to obtain a very good position with a company that is a pioneer of the medical field.
That decision of changing careers taken five years back, had borne fruit and I was very happy with that.Healing people was something that gave my life a meaning and purpose .The love and gratitude you get from  people when you have been able to heal and help them is better than anything in this world .

Have you ever, in your life ,done something against the tide , something unexpected ,something that just changed the course of your life ? As the saying goes ,“Change is the only constant in life.”
To bring about a change , needs courage .Sometimes a change can be good for you , a change can also be a welcome change .Let us be open to change , thus changing the world , changing ourselves for the better ,creating a better world for our coming generations .

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