Taazgi Ka Dhamaka music video featuring Allu Arjun

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In the above video, the mast vocals of Anushka Manchanda ,wake up Allu Arjun from his slumber and  then his fresh dance moves and Anushka’s magical voice together  create a Dhamaka in the boring marriage function .

We all go through dull ,boring and sometime tedious moments in life , when the mind just wants to be hit by a wave of freshness to infuse life with a new surge of energy and cheer .

To beat the blues ,I have a playlist of such songs which I always keep with me and according to my mood , I give myself these mini shots of freshness as and when required .

So here it goes …

1.Nindiya se Jaagi Bahar from the movie ” Hero “

This is my  morning song , a beautiful song which evokes the freshness of the wild and virgin nature and makes me feel that I am transported into a different  time and place far from the maddening crowds .

2. “I’m Alive ” by Celine Dion

An all time favourite for the mornings and for the times when getting your ass out of the bed is tough ,or you have a daunting day ahead full of challenges .This gives me a renewed energy to take on the day head on.
3. “Roar “by Katy Perry


I was introduced to this one by my daughter and I really like this katy Perry video as much as the catchy and spirited lyrics . This is for days when your dogged boss really is after your life and you need to put your chin up and square up your shoulders . Also a good song to nurse and bring back to life a broken heart .
4 .  The youth anthem ” I want to break free …” by Queen 


“I want to break free …” the lyrics say it all , coupled with some great string work in this song , it was like an anthem for generations and still charges me up like nothing else .
5. “Summer of 69 ” by Bryan Adams


Again this is a very old song , but I identify with the inner restlessness and passion of youth and it fills me with nostalgia on days that I need to pep up , or for times when you are in  a pensive mood and want to make sense of your life ,this one gives a sense of perspective .Of course sometimes it also fills me with wistfulness …
6.“What a wonderful world ” by Louis Armstrong 


Again an”Old is gold ” type of a song ,but you really have to listen to this mellow song and I promise you that it will pull at your heart strings and give you that gentle nudge to go embrace the world .
7. “Jai Ho ” from Slumdog Millionaire


A sure fire ,unputdownable song from AR Rehman. This one is when you have been loaded down a big intimidating pile of work or when you just plan to celebrate being yourself and give yourself a pat on the back. It’s hard not to be affected by its infectious energy !
8. “Bas to Bhaag Milkha ” from the “Bhaag Milkha Bhaag “


A Rock and Baul mix of music with very strong inspirational lyrics to boast of . This has also been a great morning song and a song that will surely draw you up onto your feet , however tired or down you may feel .
9. “Main Zindagi ka Sath Nibhata Chala Gaya ” from Hum Dono 


This one was a favourite since college days.I remember during  night duties sometimes a radio or antakshari would help us keep awake through out the long nights and this song would invariably be sung by someone with others always joining in .A great philosophy to live by too.
10 .” Ranjhana ” from the movie “Ranjhana “


Since I had not included any love song, this is one of the favourites from the movie Ranjhana .A beautiful song picturised on Superstar Dhanush and sung by Jaswant Singh and Shiraz Uppal and music score by A.R .Rehman .I love it  mostly for its  uplifting celebratory mood and madness in love theme .
This was my freshness wala playlist ,which are your fresh and inspirational songs ?
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