The Fabindia Avocado Foot Cream.

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Hello Dearies ,
Fabindia Avocado foot Cream


Delhi is so hot and grimy now a days , that one really needs to be all packed up with arsenal to fight its effect on the skin .My Achilles heel are my heels (Hee-Hee).Yes ,my feet start cracking and feeling rough in this kind of weather when you cannot even wear socks because of the heat .But this is also the weather when you feel like wearing strappy sandals and bright nail paints so it becomes even more important to have your feet in good shape

One such product that claims to moisturize and soften the feet is The Fabindia Avocado Foot Cream .

Read on to see my experience with this product .

The Fabindia Avocado Foot cream- View from top
The Fabindia Avocado foot Cream -View from side

Availability—I got it from its outlet in Connaught Place (C.P.) ,New Delhi .You can also get it from here

Price—It costs Rs 320 /- for 100 ml /99 gm .

Packaging-It comes in an opaque plastic tub packing with a lid .There is no applicator given .

What Fabindia ClaimsEnriched with naturally moisturising avocado oil and beeswax , this cream effectively moisturizes and softens ,dry,calloused heels and feet .

Ingredients—Purified water, Urea,Isopropyl palmitate,Glycerine, petrolatum, emulsifying wax,Beeswax,Cetylalcohol,Dimethicone, Imid urea, methyl paraben, Disodium EDTA , Avocado oil, Propyl paraben .

Directions for use—Wash and scrub your feet before use , I use the Sally Hansen Pedicure in a Minute scrub. Just apply it liberally and massage onto feet ,paying close attention to heels and calloused skin .

Cover your feet with cotton socks overnight to seal in the moisture .

The Product—The Fabindia Avocado foot cream has a creamy and luscious texture .It has a very mild herbal fragrance.It gets absorbed easily .And for some reason it also soothes out the ache of wearng high heels .I take it along whenever I get Salon pedicures done and ask my pedicurist to massage the feet with this cream only .

This is not a foot cream,it is a foot pampering treatment .A single use works wonders and leaves the skin much smoother and softer , it actually sloughs off the roughness of the feet and I find it good for minor cracks .I think it will even work for women with deeper cracks on the heels with regular use .

The Pros

1. Easy to use .You just need to massage it on clean feet .

2. Absorbs well and leaves feet very smooth.

3. Pocket friendly prices .I am already onto my second tub .

4. Not tested on animals .

5. Contains natural ingredients .

The Cons

1. Availabilty may be a problem .

2. Contains Parabens which are harmful for the environment .

3. Needs to be refrigerated in very hot and humid weather or the product may separate or become runny .

This is how the cream looks ,spreads and absorbs easily

The Final Verdict—I would rate it 5/5 .FAbindia Avocado Foot cream is a product that stands tall against what it claims .This is already my second tub and I shall probably be buying it again .

So tell me , which foot cream do you use ?

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