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Today I am writing a post for the Indiblogger HH contest by Micromax canvas tab P666 .It is a contest about how this particular gadget can help in rediscovering a long lost passion within you .

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Other than reading , watching movies was a passion for me before I had kids .Earlier budget constraints of a student life forbade us friends from watching every release also there were studies to attend to , what with strict parents and a competitive world around .But once I started working and got married there was no stopping my love for movies .Old or new ,even B grades movies were watched by me all the time .If not in the theatre ,then on cable T.V. Then once I had kids , I could not afford to spend that much time leaving my child behind ,noe could I afford the irritation of fellow movie goers by taking my toddler along for watching a movie .So gradually I started avoiding going out to watch movies .It was You tube or CDs bought or borrowed from friends which was then seen at home in small breaks from child care .

This Micromax Canvas Tab P666  is the first Tab by Micromax with an Intel Processor to be  introduced by Micromax in the Indian market in the year 2015 .

A made in India (Uttarakhand), and made for the world gadget we all can be proud of as Indians.
This new gadget on the block , from our own homegrown brand Micromax has an 8 inch IPS display with HD screen resolution of 1280×800 pixels which promises to provide dynamic contrast and better color vibrancy with great quality of graphics which can boost the movie watching experience  in the privacy of your space .The WXT resolution promises to deliver superior pixel density which translates into a far better picture quality for the viewer .

It comes loaded with M!live through which one can  download unlimited latest Bollywood, Regional videos, music and applications like  Bookmyshow to book, buy and check movie tickets, show timings, schedule, reviews .Now all these features are like  a blessing for movie and TV show buff like me .This will allow me to fulfill my long lost passion for movies whenever and where ever I want .It also comes loaded with a good battery back up of 4,400 mAh  which is very decent .

Even if you place the tablet down on  flat surface , the stereo speakers are placed in such a manner
that the sound is not muffled and you get continuous  good sound in your playback .

A little more about the tablet , as I watched the you tube video , being a female and  a beauty blogger I cannot but help noticing its very sleek and enticing packaging and looks .Doubles up as a phone as well as tablet ,so many features packed into one single phone .The charger that comes along with it is also a fast charger , so you charge your tablet in much less time .It also comes with added earphones so no need to pay extra for them , and having kids at home I know that ear phones are must .You cannot afford to wake up a toddler from sleep after praying for him to sleep so that you can watch your favourite movie .So the ear phones are extra add-ons .

You too can watch the video below and admire the great features and it comes in a very small budget .For more info visit

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