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Friends , let me share with you a real life incident .One of my friends had a car about which he was regularly teased .His friends would ask him to sell this ” piece of scrap ” and buy a new swanky car .One day he was bombarded by phone calls enquiring him about  “the car which was up for sale online at *****.in !!!”

His friends had played a practical joke or rather taken the joke a bit too far by putting his car up for sale and putting his number online for potential buyers all of it without any prior intimation to  or permission from him.He had to make a few calls and the nuisance eventually stopped but not before wasting so much of his time in attending to calls throughout the day .

You will come to know the relevance of this anecdote as you read on further…

Widespread consumerism and the desire to acquire the latest and newest by getting rid of the old in our lives has helped in sprouting of online selling websites like mushrooms in rainy season .

Since  Quikr has started making its presence felt  as a “Buy and sell” online hub ,”No fikar bech quikr(no worries,sell faster)” is such an often heard phrase on T.V .

Recently when I wanted to get rid of a few old items ( an old tennis racket and an epilator ) ,I chose Quikr NXT for the following reasons :

1. It is also available as a  mobile APP so I can follow-up  my advertisement anytime and anywhere either through my desktop or my smartphone .

2. I do not need to share my phone number ,to do so all I had to do was click on ‘Maintain My Privacy’ while posting the free Advertisement.For a woman this feature is very useful , as there have been many instances of misuse of the phone number provided by miscreants especially if the Advertisement is for a woman related object (Jewellery,clothing etc).Now that part will be taken care of for me.

3. It has Quikr chat feature , the U.S.P. of Quikr .

Further are my reasons for choosing  “Quikr chat “over regular phone calls

1.PRIVACY AND CONVENIENCE -The Quikr NXT has chat feature , so if I do not want to talk to a buyer/seller I can always Quikr chat with them .There is another bonus for me here , I can chat at my own convenience .With chat you do not have to drop everything in order to take the call of a potential buyer .Once I was woken up from my sleep late night and all I heard was some heavy breathing on the other side of the phone …….GRRR !So thankfully no more of that now .I can check and scroll my chat messages at my own leisure and convenience.

When I shall be confident that a buyer is genuine and assured of the deal , I ‘ll have the freedom to reveal my number and deal with the buyer through direct calling and close the deal .Simple isn’t it !
It is so simple and convenient and yet I am quite surprised that nobody really came up with such a simple solution to this problem .

2.EASIER TRACKING -The chat feature helps you in keeping track of the exact quotations .Sometimes we are willing to negotiate the asking  price but forget how much we had quoted ,now you can check the exact numbers quoted by you or the other party and that makes it less of a hassle specially if you have to deal with multiple parties at a time .So just by checking your “chat history “you can compare the prices that buyer A , buyer B and buyer C is offering and then it will be cakewalk to decide the best buyer to sell your product to  .

3.MORE INFORMATION-More photos can be sent and further details as per demand of the interested party can be sent through chat .This saves time and helps in building the buyer’s confidence in your product too .You can include as many angles and views of the product as needed by the other party to get convinced of the product .

The above were my reasons to use selling my old stuff .How about you?

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