The second generation MOTO E – An even smarter choice

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The Moto-e was my first Smartphone .I have earlier  reviewed Moto E here and though I have loved it for being the best smartphone in the budget category offering a wide range of features , there have been a few things that I had been missing .I heard that Moto-E has being relaunched in a brand new Avtar and so today’s post is going to be about the new features that have me all revved up.Here is how I propose to #ChooseToStart my smartphone journey with the new Moto E.

1.More colour choices -I love the colour white -so serene and cool .So the first thing I will do is change to the white coloured phone and buy all 5 multicolored grips to match my dress(red!),or my mood (Blue:()or according to the weather(sunny yellow).

So I can make a style statement with my smartphone every day !

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2.Clicking selfies -Any beauty blogger worth her salt needs selfies . I rued the fact that my earlier Moto-E did not have a front facing camera and taking selfies was pure guesswork ,sometimes I ended up taking pics of the walls behind me with only a few of my hair strands poking out to suggest that I was also a part of the picture .So theses guys have really paid attention to their customers and finally given us a front facing camera .Yippee!

And it is easy to activate your camera , all you have to do is hold the phone and twist your hand back and forth twice and the camera will be activated ,further you just need to touch the screen anywhere to click the picture , no need to find the camera icon and then click.

Just twist -twist and click .So we twist , we twist …
Sharing the clicked pic is also child’s play now , you just have to tap the phone thrice and it’s shared !

3.Creating and watching videos -Equipped with  two speakers on the front of the phone giving full stereo sound ,4.5″ qHD display giving sharp images and 1.2 GHz Quadcore processors and 2390 mAh battery(that can last 1 whole day ) and 8 GB storage (expandable to 32 GB) the new MotoE can make movie watching a completely different and satisfying experience .

You can even listen to music and browse simultaneously .So long metro rides will no more be dull and boring .Just take your MotoE out and surf or listen to great music ,or chat with friends seamlessly without worrying about the battery .



So , What will you #ChooseToStart with the #NewMotoE ???

Excited about the new MotoE  ?

Check it out  here at Flipkart  .

( Flipkart is offering a great exchange scheme where you can upgrade to the 2nd Generation Moto E in exchange for your old phone at attractive prices )

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