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Mother is a word that can conjure up so many feelings – love, sacrifice ,courage , selflessness, devotion … the list can go on and on .She is somebody who is always there for us –her children. However unwell she may be , yet she will make sure that I get my meals hot and on time .She will call and ask –“Have you eaten?” even when I have left school and started working .
She is a pillar of strength during hard times .When in pain,”Oh !Ma !”is the only exclamation everybody utters as she is the one who can singlehandedly take away all my pains and worries with her soothing touch and voice .

Examples of her hardiness and resilience are multiple ,but I remember one particularly difficult period in our lives .This happened when my father was posted overseas .It was Ma, me and my younger brother at home .I was working and generally came late .I still remember , one day when I was getting later than usual, I was surprised that my mother had walked all the way to the bus stop in her worry to see me well .However I assured her that there was no need to come all the way to the bus stop , she would smile and say that a Mother’s heart knows no calm till she sees her children safe back home.

One day I received a call in my office, it was from mother .She was very disturbed and what she told me disturbed me too .My younger brother had met with an accident while travelling with his friend on a bike .He and his friend were in intensive care at the Hospital .I felt giddy with shock but regained my composure .I told Ma not to worry and that I was on my way to the Hospital .She was already there.

For two consecutive nights Ma did not sleep .She kept sending me back home whenever I offered to stay the night at the hospital saying that it was a new job for me and I should rest and not be taking holidays .I saw her manage my brother’s care  while shuttling back and forth  from home to banks to hospital  .It was insane .She would stay the night at the hospital and then come back home early morning ,cook food for all ,pack her things and send me off too .Also she ensured that I was never left alone at night by asking my friends to come over to sleep .She did not let Father know anything until my brother was declared out of danger .Sadly his friend did not survive his injuries .Though sad for his loss we were intensely relieved when the doctors finally allowed my brother to be taken home .Father had arrived by then and that eased Ma’s burden too .

My brother’s home coming was like a second birth for him and us too. We were so happy when we all had food together like old times .Our family had just gone through a cyclone and came out unscathed all because of my mother’s iron will and love. Even though Ma was smiling ,I could see fine lines of fatigue around her eyes and mouth . I asked mother to sit down and offered to give her a head massage with Parachute Advanced Aromatherapy oil. She herself would always give me a head massage with warm oil whenever I had a headache or was tensed about something .Today was my turn to de-stress Ma .As I dipped my fingers in the soothing warm aromatic oil and rubbed her head with it in circular motion ,Ma closed her eyes and gushed ,”Ohh ! It feels so good to be back home !”

I’m blogging about why my mother needs to de-stress with a Parachute Advansed Aromatherapy Oil massage for the #StressFreeMom activity at BlogAdda.


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