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True relationships are those that give us the support to go through hard times in our lives ,those are the real relationships worth keeping that pass the test of time .Once the hard times pass , those are the relationships that you will cherish always .Real relationships go through bad times but get through them to emerge stronger .

I share such a relation with my spouse .Even though there have been days we have had bitter fights and sullen days of silence, yet I know that even in that silence, he cares for me and watches out for me.

We had a very hard decision to take a few years back. We both were doing well in our respective jobs and were able to save a decent amount of money every month .Our family was complete and so we were emboldened enough  to buy our own house .Getting a house is not an easy job and after countless rounds of property dealers , leafing through various brochures , daily trips to banks and offices we were able to settle for a decent flat from a reputed builder in a good location .We decided to pay off the home loan in chunky installments to get rid of the loan soon and become proud owners of our home .

By a cruel turn of events ,I started facing a lot of hardships in my job .There were added responsibilities (with no pay hike) and my new boss was cruelty and tyranny personified .For him being a woman was itself a big negative for an employee .He prided in telling stories of how he skipped lunch for work and how his family always came second to his work priorities .In my whole career I had received appreciation for my hard work and sincerity but my new  boss could only see faults in my functioning .My bad luck got worse , when our management decided to promote me and bring me closer in rank to my new boss. I was now supposed to be his right hand and I think he detested that fact.

The constantly rising stress at work coupled with giving care to my young daughter at home , started taking its toll on my health .I started getting insomnia ,developed a hypothyroid and a bad cough .I had been sharing most of my work problems with my husband and he had been supportive through all of it .I thought of quitting my job but there were financial penalties to face as I was bound by a contract .I did not wish to increase our burden since we were already paying a very hefty amount in home loan monthly installments(E.M.I.) every month and hence kept mum  .I felt trapped from all around …

 On my next weekly off  ,my husband Arun, took a day off from his office too and insisted that we spend the day at the same place where we used to meet often before getting married .We had breakfast and with our daughter, spent the whole day ,basking in the sun, sitting on manicured lawns surrounded by verdant greens and vibrant flowers.I felt as if someone had blindfolded me all through and suddenly I was exposed to all the goodness of nature and the warmth of having my family with me.I felt something melting inside me and tears started flowing.

Arun noticed the tears and gently wiping them said ,”Quit the job .I want you to be here with us-you ,me and our daughter .We are in this together and we will come out of this together.”

I was surprised that he understood my dilemma so well yet I protested ,”But the E.M.I. ?How can I put so much burden on you ?That would be so irresponsible of me .”

“To let you go through hell daily ,would be irresponsible of me, you are my responsibility too and we will find some way out .Trust me and trust God ,”he said gently but firmly, holding my chin up .

His words gave me a new ray of hope to look up to .With renewed confidence I talked to the management and asked to be relieved of my job .They gave me a sympathetic hearing. I was transferred to a different branch and was able to pursue my work without any more stress and strain .I developed confidence and faith during hard times only because my husband held my hand through it all and together we emerged victorious .

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