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Me and Akash had a love marriage .After a short whirlwind romance, we tied the knot. Akash had a well paying job and a promising career so it was mutually decided that I shall leave my job after marriage and spend more time with Akash .

The first few months flew by like a dream.I would wait for Akash to come back home and then we would keep on chattinggoing over happenings of the day over steaming cups of tea.After dinner, we would go for strolls hand in hand or just cosy up to each other and watch movies together.On weekends we would go on long drives on our bike or sometimes go to a short out of the city weekend trip.

Those moments were magical,every glance conveyed something ,every touch was electric ...

But things  started changing after the birth of our child .

Now my son – Arjun , was my priority and Akash had to  earn more to meet our increasing expenses.He would often come home late to a sulking and tired wife.I would grudgingly place his him dinner in front of him and go to sleep with my Arjun .

I could feel that we were growing apart and thought that it could be because we had less time for each other and probably things would improve as my son grew. 
But they didn’t .

My son started going to school and I had time on my hands so I made efforts to bring back the old spark.I started putting in more efforts to look good, started taking better care of my fitness. Akash did notice the change and even complimented me but that was it .

It seemed as if our bond was now rusty,we hardly did things together .I started working again and my work made me busier and soon I even stopped feeling the lack of intimacy in our relationship.Our talks were limited to our son, work and shared household chores .

Life was chugging on until one day I received the news that my Father had suffered from a heart attack and was admitted in intensive care.My heart sank and I did not know what to do , I sat in my office tears rolling down my face …. suddenly my phone rang – it was Akash. He  had got news of my Papa’s illness and was coming to pick me up.We drove in silence to the hospital , Akash kept on giving me anxious sideways glances .

Once at the hospital, he met my parents and after some time told me that he was taking the day off and that I need not worry about our son. Akash was going to pick him from his school and drop him at my in-laws and then come back to me at the hospital .
At the end of a very long and anxious day , the doctors told us that Papa was out of danger but still very critical .My brother and Mother insisted that I go back home with Akash to take care of my son and also to take some rest .

Coming out of the hospital , I still felt dazed and didn’t really see or hear the car that was speeding towards me.Suddenly a hand caught hold of me and pulled me back swiftly .I turned around and saw that it was Akash who had saved me .He only cried “Megha !” but the way he gripped my hand even more strongly and pulled me close to himself, I knew what he was feeling and what he had wanted to say.

That touch brought a new lease of life to our relationship .I knew that despite everything , we were together through thick and thin and forever .

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