Turning Eighteen !

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  It was Rithik ‘s Eighteenth birthday and everybody was very excited .There was going to be a grand birthday bash for the brand new  adult in the household and Mom ,Dad and Di (elder sister) were busy checking that everything was going as per the plan .Oblivious to it all , Rithik sat in his room listening to his favourite Pop star Anoushka .His room was just like any other teenager’s room .The walls were chock -a-block with posters of his heroes  Hrithik , Allu Arjun ,Anoushka and Roger Federer .The wardrobe was half open with a few clothes lounging on the bed too.

   Today was a special day for Hrithik , two of his favourite artists were going to perform in town .Yes ,Allu Arjun and Anoushka were coming to perform in Bangalore .How he had waited for this day !He and his friends had made plans to attend the live concert tonight .It was going to be a rocking show and a huge crowd was expected to turn up .Now all he needed was permission from his parents to attend the show .He slided the headphones off his head and sauntered into the living room where his whole family was engrossed in animated discussions .

  He cleared his throat a little louder than usual to seek their attention which he did get but only after two failed attempts .Mom asked him what was it and if it could wait as they were busy in planning for his birthday arrangements .

  “Oh God ! It was his Birthday and his parents were going to plan a proper all out party with all relatives invited as it was his coming of age special,Eighteenth birthday ,”Rithik thought .He kept thinking of ways to wriggle out of this mess .Finally he chose to take the straight road and gathering his courage said , “”Mom ,Dad ,is it possible that  I can give a miss to the party as I want to be some other place with my friends ?”

  Di loggered in ,”Rithik ,do you know what you are saying ? Its your birthday bash ,so you have to be there ,Super Star !”

 He looked at Mom and Dad for approval , but found Dad silent and Mom shaking her head disbelievingly at him.

 “All the arrangements have been finalised and people have been invited .It would be such a shame if we had to cancel everything at the last moment for you .This day is very special to all of us too, Son ! Now go back and get ready for the party .”

  Mom tried to  comfort him by putting her hand on his head and tousling his thick hair .

  Sensing no hope for further negotiations , Rithik mumbled  an ” O.K.” and made his way back to his room .He slipped into the new clothes that Mom had given him this morning and carelessly brushed his hair .His feet refused to budge as he sat tying his laces on the bed .it seemed that his feet had grown as heavy as his heart for missing this lifetime opportunity of seeing his idols live in action.This was what eighteen year olds wanted – raw energy , pulsating music, bod lyrics,dazzling dance ! Not some get together of relatives for his birthday .He sat lamenting his luck ,when he heard the sound of the car horn .

  Mom bustled hurriedly towards him ,”Come on Rithik ! We are getting late ……. for the concert !”

  His face lit up but as if he did not believe his ears he asked , “What ?”

  So you think only you like Allu Arjuna and Anoushka , his sister said teasingly .”Super Star ! Mom and Dad have prebooked the concert tickets for everybody and there are four extra tickets so you can invite your best friends too. The party is at the concert itself !”

“Yayyyyy !”Rithik  jumped high pumping his fist in the air as everybody looked on indulgently at him .It’s hard to feel low when Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda are around to infuse a new energy into the special moments of  your life !

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