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Do you own a typical middle class family car ,and need to change your car because the tyres are worn and your family has grown in size and numbers in the last few years ?

Or are you a DINK ( double income ,no kids ) family that loves to zoom out of the city on weekends before returning to your fast paced metro life and need to upgrade to a brand new ,swanky all- terrain wagon ?
Want to get rid of your old car because you are bored of it  ?
If the answer to any of the above questions is in the affirmative ,then here is some good news for you.
Quikr NXT has expanded its buy and sell services to include used cars too .
All you have to do is go to http://www.quikr.com/  register or sign in( this helps you to track the progress of your advertisement easily ) and then choose the option  ” Place an Ad “.Then choose the category “Car and Bikes “, select whether you want to buy or sell the car .
Screenshot courtesy- http://www.quikr.com/ 

After that ,give your advertisement a title , add pictures of the car and quote a reasonable price for your car and complete your car details .
Finally you can give your phone number and if you want the number to be kept private you can do so by selecting ” Maintain my privacy “.The interested buyers will then first use Quikr Chat to get in touch with you and whenever you wish you can disclose your number to the interested seller and seal the deal as per your time and convenience .

You can even pay a small sum of Rs 422/- and upgrade your advertisement to premium, thus ensuring greater visibility for your advertisement .

Once your advertisement goes online , interested buyers can call you or use Quikr Chat feature from Quikr NXT ( this app is available for smartphones and tablets ) to chat with you wherein further information like more pictures or videos can be shared directly with the interested party .This helps in confidence building of both parties without compromising on the privacy of both the parties as well as giving the convenience of choosing your time and space for chatting with the buyer .

Now that your old car is going to be sold at an attractive price , you can in the meanwhile shop for a new car by going back to the Home page and directly going to the “Cars and Bikes ” category and the page below will be displayed .To get a safer and better car , you can also opt for the ” Quikr inspected cars ” which adds credibility to a car up for sale .Choose your new car by brand name or price range and narrow your choice down to the most suitable car for your requirement .

                   Screenshot courtesy – http://www.quikr.com/ 
In this way by selling your old car at Quikr NXT and then buying a used car of your favorite make and brand , you can end up saving some seriously big bucks .If you are not game for a used car as your new ride then pocket the money earned from selling your old car , use this money to partially finance your new car and go shopping for your swanky new dream car .

So what are you waiting for ?
Get your dream car Befikar at Quikr NXT .

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