Wine Review – Lindeman’s Cawarra Chardonnay 2016

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I am back with another wine review and the object of my attention this time is an  Australian White Wine – The  Lindeman’s Cawarra Chardonnay 2016.


About the Brand 

Lindeman’s Wines were established by another doctor and wine aficionado like me ( Ahem…)  Dr. Henry Lindeman of  England.He discovered wine making during his travels through Europe in 1830s. He later migrated to Australia and  started vine planting in the rich soils of Cawarra , Hunter Valley in 1843.  By the way Cawarra  means besides running water in the aboriginal tongue. Lindeman’s wines earned a name for themselves when they received international acclaim for  their Linderman’s Hunter River Burgundy Bin 3100 and  Linderman’s Hunter River Burgundy Bin 3110 Chardonnay.

An Aerial View of the Linderman’s Vineyards ( source-

Tasting Notes

Vintage – 2016
Alcohol – 13%
Style – Dry
Colour – A glorious golden yellow that was so captivating on first sight that I almost forgot to take down the notes and just wanted to keep sipping on !


Nose – The nose opened with quite a bit of the rock melon, it also had strong tropical fruits dominated by yellow stone fruits, lot of peach and pineapple.

Palate – This wine had a medium body that made its presence felt like a dainty dancer,light on her feet and yet captivates you with her performance .Bold peach and golden apples in every sip with might be a hint of pineapple.

Medium acidity and a rather long rounded finish with negligible oaky notes.

Final Verdict 

The #Lindeman’s #Cawarra #Chardonnay is an easy going fruity, dry,white wine and would be just perfect for picnics !

Food Pairing – I found it a very versatile wine that as per the book goes well with  seafood, chicken, veal and pasta but I feel this would also go very well with most Indian dishes specially chicken and fish as long as they are not very sour or very spicy.

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