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Those of you who thought wine drinking is an expensive hobby, think again , because ever since I started exploring the wines produced by our Indian vineyards , I am quite impressed and  happy with what I have been tasting. The wines produced in India are usually pocket friendly and are so good that they have been winning awards world wide for their quality.


So here goes another Vino Blanco review …

The Fratelli Sauvignon Blanc 2020 Wine tasting 

Fratelli Sauvignon Blanc White Wine
Fratelli Sauvignon Blanc White Wine 

Wine facts 

Produced by – Fratelli Vineyards

Grape Varietal  – Sauvignon Blanc

Vintage – 2020

Price – INR 850/- roughly

Wine type – Dry White

Color – A very pale green , true to the grape it is juiced from.

Nose  – Fresh citrus and sharp green chili are very palpable as opening notes
Palate – Light mouth feel and crisp acidity . mildly fruity 
Fratelli Sauvignon Blanc White Wine
Indian Wines are winning awards
all over the world for their quality

About the Sauvignon Blanc Grape 

Sauvignon Blanc – The name literally translated from French means – Wild White
The Sauvignon Blanc grape is a native of the South West France region specifically the  famous Bordeaux region . It is a green skinned grape widely used in making a crisp dry white wine and also in some sweet dessert wines.
Sauvignon Blanc is best savored  when young because upon ageing it may give more pronounced asparagus and green pea flavors.
The Sauvignon Blanc Grape
(image –

What Foods go well with Fratelli Sauvignon Blanc ?

The Fratelli Sauvignon Blanc is a refreshing wine and can be beautifully paired with foods that have mildly flavored herbs , soft creamy cheese and lean white meats.
e.g. you can pair it with Bruschetta , green hummus , Green salads and cured olives, Grilled Asparagus  and grilled Zucchini to name a few.
Also pesto sauce pasta, ricotta , Feta , Burrata , risotto, sea food ,Grilled fish , Oysters and Sushi specially cucumber avocado and salmon sushi will go well with this Sauvignon Blanc.
Among Indian foods , I like to pair Fratelli Sauvignon Blanc with creamy paneer dishes like Palak paneer (spinach and Cottage cheese curry) , mild tandoori items like paneer tikka , grilled prawns , roasted potatoes with a light spice all go well with this young white wine.
Fratelli Sauvignon Blanc white wine has the the right acidity to cut through the creaminess and balance the mild spices.
Do Not pair  this Sauvignon Blanc with robust gravies and red meats , this delicate white wine will end up being over whelmed by the strong spices and char. I do not recommend it with Tawa Tikka masala items among Indian foods.
Fratelli Sauvignon Blanc is refreshing 

Dessert Pairing – Yes ! You can very well pair a dry white wine like Fratelli Sauvignon Blanc with desserts too. It can be paired with mild fruit and cheese based mildly tart desserts like lemon pie, macaroons, cheese Danish, fruit tarts , custard etc. Avoid pairing with too sweet or tart desserts.

Final Verdict 

The Fratelli Sauvignon Blanc is a very versatile dry white wine , a safe bet with most foods I can say. It has a tantalizing acidity and light mouth feel. I rate it a 3.8/5
That said , when it comes to wine , you are the best judge of what works for you and no-one can tell you how to drink it ! Go ahead – experiment , be your own judge and don’t forget to tell me in the comments below about it!
Cheers !!

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