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Most tea lovers are acquainted with Chaayos.Chaayos is a Chai cafe Chain where each Chai is handcrafted and made upon order and can be further personalised . The variety of teas on offer ranges from Indian old favourites like Kulhad Chai and Kashmiri Kahwa to relatively new Specialty Chais like Honey Ginger Lemon Chai and Golden Green Chai !



Winter Menu tasting at Chayos, M bLock ,CP.I was greeted by the very affable and dynamic  Mr.Gurmeet Singh .He was the one who informed me that this  outlet is the largest and most spacious outlet in the whole of Delhi NCR .Other than the cheerful and colourful interiors it has another attraction for the young crowds – Free Wifi !

Now what can be better than sipping on your favorite tea and also enjoying free connectivity !
Chaayos have introduced their new “Winter Menu ” keeping in mind the north Indian winters, foods that will warm the palate and the cockles of the heart both.They have introduced 9 new products on the menu and I am listing them down here 

1.Chicken Keema loaded open Paratha – This was loaded with lot of butter too ,with keema on top of a Lachcha Parantha  . The taste was ok ,but it was a little difficult to eat because the soft parantha base would keep folding over and the juicy buttery keema would keep slipping and getting onto my fingers and one had no option but to lick your fingers clean .


2. Kulhad Butter Chicken kulcha – This dish had succulent chicken chunks in a rich Butter chicken gravy and was served with warm Kulchas.



3. Masala Mutton cutlets – Spicy and mint flavored Mutton mince rolls . It had the distinct garam masala and mint flavors with the keema .Quite good !


4. Paneer Bhurji Bun – Creamy paneer Bhurji heaped on top of two open buns.
This was average in taste but was loaded with paneer so the portion size was good .

5. Chicken Keema Culets – Crispy chicken rolls, grilled to perfection. Quite tasty !
Hot Beverages 


Tulsi green Tea – I really liked this one .It had a distinct Tulsi and Mint flavor which instantly seems to open up the air passages. Great for colds and coughs too ! 
No bitterness of green tea .


Gur Wali Chai – This Chai was strong and milky with served in tall kulhad, this was a strong sweet brew, kadak with a distinct saunth (dry ginger ) and gur (jaggery) flavor – the gur was slightly subdued though maybe keeping in mind the sensibilities of their urbane customers .

I don’t know about you but cupping a hot kulhad of tea in between your palms on a cold winter day is so soothing an warming and if it is your traditional gur ki Chai , then the joy is unbeatable .


Banana Walnut cake – I am not fond of banana cakes but as an unbiased foodie I can say that it was soft and gooey and had the perfect banana taste and was as good as it can be .

Moist chocolate cake  – Irresistible – hot , moist and chocolatey  !!


FINAL VERDICT – I loved the new winter menu ,though I wish there was more for us herbivores but then their regular menu has plenty of choices for us so it is still a win -win situation .

I rate this new menu 4/5 . Go give it a try !

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