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Ask any woman, irrespective of her age, about the most important and most wonderful man in her life and invariably the answer would be ,”My Dad !”. We all remain Daddy’s girls through out our lives .My Dad was the first man in my life who took me in his arms .The first man that I always looked up to when in distress or just out of admiration for him.

I did not have a brother and for many years till I got one ,my Father asked me to tie a Rakhi on his wrist so that I never felt left out when other girls flaunted the colourful  Rakhis they brought for their brothers and later the gifts they received from their brothers .So in a way ,my Father also was my elder brother for quite some time !

He was my first teacher . From holding my hands when I started learing to walk to shield me from falls to teaching me my first alphabets .He was my first (and though strict ) but the most sincere teacher I ever had  .He loved teaching so much that when I once approached him to explain a physics problem , he sat up  all night and burnt the midnight oil to make notes and the next day was ready with his notes to teach me the whole chapter from the basics .I dozed off while he went on rattling the formulae and explaining the ABC of physics !
Now that I look back I realise how hard he must have worked ,staying up late into the night to help me while I just got bored and slept .

More than a teacher , he was himself always an eager student .Till today he is most curious to learn about the latest gadgets and apps in the market .

Even though a daughter and mother bond is considered the strongest bond , yet my Father was almost equivalent if not more than what my Mother meant to me.

I can never forget one particular memory of my childhood .
It was my maternal Aunt’s marriage and me and my younger sister came down with chickenpox .My Father not only took charge of both of us but also insisted that my Mother attend the marriage ceremony from start to end . For those five days , he nursed us like our Mom .Cooking for us , combing our hair with care not to touch the tender blisters on the forehead ,washing our clothes , giving us medicines and even reading out stories to us as we lay in bed .

I had never seen this nurturing side of him till then .He was just a regular dad till then but after that day we started calling him SuperDad  !

Such wonderful moments! So much love and sacrifice ! But as we grow older , we take it for granted or a veil of dust collects over these memories as time passes on. We forget the love and care , the nurturing , the long sleepless nights over our sick beds , the agonising wait for our progress reports …we conveniently forget these and move on with our busy lives .

But through this blog , Papa , I want to thank you today for all that you did for me .You are the one who made me into what I am today .But for you I could not have become me .Thank you ,Papa !

You are the Best !

A Hug is sometimes more powerful than a thousand words uttered , so here is a big , tight hug for the best Dad in this world !

 “This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.”

“Go on make this Father’s Day special for your Old Man too and give him that warm and tight Hug that he gave you every day when you were a kid .”

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