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This is the story of a very dear and cherished friend. He was born into a poor family. He had an abusive father who though earned fine enough to meet the demands of his family ,still refused to take care of the needs of his family .He was his own priority .Whatever the father earned , he spent a good chunk of that on his own upkeep , getting branded shoes and expensive clothes and would sometimes go off for days at a stretch without any information about his whereabouts to his family and would come back after spending all the money .So this friend of mine and his family were left to fend for themselves since a very tender age .He and his elder brother worked as helping hands in shops to support their family and education .The children made do with each other’s discarded clothing when it got too small for the elder one to wear. All in all it was a sorry life to live but they tried to live with dignity.

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Best Friends Forever (
By the time he completed his education he had grown into a tall and lanky fellow .His father had stopped working now as he felt working long hours was ruining his health. My friend continued working in factories and did part time tuitions to support his now even more meagre family income .His Father lived off his pension and kept taunting and insulting him for not having a proper job despite attaining a degree. This was the worst period in his life as he later told me .I tried to keep giving him hope though I myself was struggling too as I was fatherless but my mother was very supportive of me .I was the eldest and she knew what a huge stress it was for me to earn through tuitions and also study at the same time. Both of us were managing somehow…
After several rejections (mostly due to his weak English speaking skills when facing interviews and lack of confidence ), my friend finally landed a very good job and I was very happy for him .After all he was my inspiration in life and my support system too .We made great plans together of what to do  with his first salary which was probably going to be very good amount .He had always dreamt of buying branded clothes and a new bike to go to work .I too felt that he deserved this much as I had seen him get by on discards from his father and elder brother.

I remember the date very well, it was the 5th of January(close to his birthday ),he came running to me ,shouting out my name .I knew it was something good for he never shouted when he was sad or in trouble. He placed an envelope in my hands .It was already torn open and bore a cheque for Eleven thousand and two hundred rupees .It was his first salary!
( ) DIL ki DEAL  – All is Well !
I hugged him hard and we both jumped up and down with joy.
We danced with such fervor that we got out of breath soon and sat down.
Regaining his breath my friend looked at me and took out another envelope and handing it to me he said,”This is for you.”
I looked at him perplexed and opened the envelope. It was another cheque in my name for Eleven thousand and two hundred rupees!
“This is for your college fees and books, I know your fees are due and you do not have the money right now. Probably that is why God sent my salary just in time. I can manage one more month but you need it right now .You have always stood by me in thick and thin, so how can I forget you now ? ”
I really needed the money, so I accepted his offer but promised to return the money back very soon.
“No ,my Friend !Do not return the money to me .Keep it with you till you meet the person who needs it more than you do ,then give this money to that person .Just continue doing good and that good will come back to you some day .”He left saying this.
“It’s a deal then, my friend !” I promised to myself with his words still echoing in my heart .
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