Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life

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          My father was an Army man so naturally my parameters of judging a man started right from his crown.The way his hair was parted down ,to a clean shaven face and further down to crisp ,well ironed clothes  and shiny well- polished shoes.In short , grooming was very important in our family.

              I met Keshav through mutual friends .He was a tall ,brown lanky man with a devil may care attitude and was studying Journalism at that time .All of us were seated at a Chai-shop and he was  passionately talking about certain issues at that moment when I noticed him.He was wearing an old pair of jeans ,torn at places over a rugged khadi kurta and well worn chappals .He had a mop of wavy hair and a full grown beard . Keshav looked like a Sadhu from Himalayas lost in the city .

         We met a few more times ,courtesy our common friends .On one such occasion , when we were lounging at a common friend’s place ,Keshav popped the question ,”I do not believe in beating around the bush .I like you ,will you marry me ? “

                      I was taken by surprise and said that I needed time to ponder .Later when alone ,I was surprised that he even nurtured thoughts of being entertained by me .Though he was academically bright and had a promising career ,his whole disheveled look spoke volumes to me  about his attitude to matters of living .I did not want that “castaway” to be a part of  my future .

                     The next morning , Keshav called me and enquired about my response .It felt rude to say “No” on a phone so I asked him to meet me after college .

               At about four p.m.,I walked into the college canteen and almost froze when a young man suddenly strode towards me calling my name .I tried to study his features and recall him. Hair neatly in place ,a sharp nose and a clean shaved ,chiseled chin ,tall and athletic .He looked familiar and ….very nice , yet I could not quite place him .

And then he said ,”Megha ,I am sorry for rushing you but I could not sleep all night and I have an interview tomorrow so please end the uncertainty and tell me , what have you decided ? “

One look at that immaculate face and all my doubts were wiped away .

“Yes ,I will marry you ,Keshav ,” I looked into  his eyes and smiled .

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