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Book Review - Lovin' a Hero

Price  - Rs 166/- for paperback , Buy it here  Genre - Romantic Fiction About the Author  -  The author has been blogging at "The Scented Words " and this is her second book,the first one being ' The Mirage of Love ' . What I liked about the Book  The book tells  the story of a 28 year old single mom Aditi Sharma or Adi ,a Page 3 journalist for “Bollywood Masala ” magazine . She is a woman of substance and chutzpah who does not take any non sense and has given up any thoughts of finding love again in life for her world revolves around her work and her young son .But everything changes when she is assigned to cover the shooting of a movie by  the "King of Romance " Aditya kapoor ,on the pretty island of Madives … Once bitten twice shy and yet love comes tapping at Adi's door .On one hand is the dashing and sexy Aditya Kapoor - the onscreen King of  Romance and on the other hand is the simple Gaurav who had been her childhood friend. It

Make Over at Sukul n Archana 's Make up House

People who are close to me know this for a fact that I was a tomboy in my growing years - mostly wore jeans and shirts and never liked dressing up like girls .I remember sulking for days when my Mom made me wear a pretty flowery sleeveless dress !                                       It took some effort to post pictures of myself in this state - unwashed,sweaty and starving but I wanted  to give an honest review to my readers  Well I learned a few things about how to use make up to just pass muster but recently after meeting me a friend of mine commented that  I had gone into a style rut and needed a freshness to my skin care regimen and the way I dressed .The friend being a much in demand make up artist,so I had to take his views seriously and I took it a step further and agreed for a make over session with him and his better half Archna , a lovely and sweet lady who made me feel instantly at home when I walked into their studio .                                            

Five Amazing Blouse Designs For Your Wardrobe

The Sari is a versatile piece of clothing .It just does not serve the function of covering up or give warmth and protection just like any other garment .It is a statement too. It can conceal, reveal, invoke respect or provoke desire, depending upon how you wish to drape it. But the blouse is the most important part of the sari draping. A well fitted, rightly embellished blouse can make your look while an ill-fitting and wrongly selected blouse can ruin your look despite selecting the best and most expensive of the saris. Getting a stylish and well-fitting blouse is not an easy task. You first need to get the matching material then look for a decent and skilled tailor who would give you the right fit and design and horror of horrors if it does not turn out the way you had visualized .Though nowadays you can get ready to wear blouses online too in all colours and styles . I recently shared tips about some basic footwear every woman must possess; today I