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Avene Tricneal Expert Soin Emulsion

                                                          I have had my share of struggle with adult acne every now and then and earlier I had got great results with Avene Tricneal cleanance Expert  cream so I was using it whenever I suffered from breakouts and it helped every time.But this time around the product was not working well for me - also it was leaving my skin very dry. Unluckily the Avene website does not give you much idea about how to choose a product,it does not mention the strength of the ingredients either so you have to choose yourself or ask around. After much deliberation and googling I settled for the Avene Tricneal Expert Soin  ( soin means care in French ) Emulsion to take care of my adult acne and post acne marks. Today I shall share my experience about Avene Tricneal Expert Soin Emulsion after using it for nearly 2 months .                                                                  Ingredients -  As per the website the Avene Tricne

A trip to the Tropical Spice Plantation in Goa

Q. Did you know which is the King of Spice ? A. It is Pepper . Q. Did you know which is the Queen of Spice ? A. Green Cardamom is the Queen of spice .                                                    During my last visit to Goa , I missed visiting the Tropical Spice PlantationSpices have long been a part of the Indian way of life not just because they impart rich flavor and fragrance to our food but also for their medicinal values and how can we forget that it was the lure of these spices that brought the colonial rule to India .                                               The Tropical spice plantation in Ponda, Goa is spread across many acres .There is another Sahakari Farms nearby which is also a spice plantation but we had time to visit only one of them so we chose the Tropical Spice Plantation and I shall be sharing my experience about this one.    Lobster Claw or Heliconia or Wild Plaintain -an Ornamental tropical tree         A Vanilla creepe