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Love, Loss, Life, Laughter And More

  Genre – Short stories , Fiction Format – Kindle e book only Price    - Rs 50/-   , Free with Kindle Unlimited The Author - Ritu Kakar Ritu Kakar is an avid reader herself and  has earlier authored the paperback “Love Unexpected “ and "One Precious Moment ". This is her latest work of fiction and consists of short stories. The Book - Love, Loss, Life, Laughter and More This book is a collection of 10 short stories.All the stories not surprisingly,are female centric and would appeal to most young and adult women. The pictures at the start of each sort story are beautiful. They have a mellow quality to them and leave a lasting impression while setting the tone for the ensuing story. I wish Ritu had made the cover as appealing if not more than the pictures inside. Coming to the stories ,the title sums it up for you! This book takes us through the myriad emotions that life and living brings. While “Love me … before you” underlines the importance of self –love.