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Ten ways how Exercise can benefit your Mental Health

(Image source - Pexels) We keep hearing from experts that exercise is good for us but we often end up finding excuses for not exercising. This holds more true when we are stressed and do not sleep well or when we are depressed and do not feel like stepping out of our homes. Nowadays the fear of contracting the SARS-Cov-2 infection has also caused many people to stay indoors or avoid exercising. But any of this should not deter us from exercising. In this post we shall give you 10 solid good reasons to exercise daily. What kind of Exercise Do I need ? First of all, let me clarify that exercise does not necessarily mean pumping iron in the gym or swimming or running, etc. Any activity that increases your heart rate by 50-75  % of your normal heart rate is considered exercise and is beneficial to your body. That means going up a few flights of stairs, dancing to your favorite music, biking, playing with your kid, walking briskly, skipping or even vigorous sex can all be counted as exercis