Book Review : Good Girl Bad Girl by Ann Girdharry

PRICE –  Rs 867/- for paperback and Rs 287/-  for Kindle Version

PAGES  -304

GENRE  – Thriller /Suspense /Mystery /Action /Drama


Ann Girdharry is an Award winning, British crime thriller author.

Her debut crime thriller, GOOD GIRL BAD GIRL, is an Eric Hoffer book award finalist  2017.

Ann Girdharry is a trained psychotherapist. She worked for many years in the UK as a manager in the not-for-profit sector. Today, she lives in Montpellier, France with her husband and two children.
She loves to travel and has lived in the USA, Norway, the UK and France.
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The novel opens with the sudden disappearance of Alesha, a globetrotting journalist.Her Feisty photo journalist daughter Kal Medi sensing something very wrong ,sets out to find her mother and in her dangerous single headed pursuit, aided by her best friends LeeMing and Marty,comes face to face with some stomach churning truths and a sinister nexus.

The character of Kal Medi has been compared to Lisbeth Salamander of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” but I think Salamander was more emotionally vulnerable and dark.

Ann uses her professional degree of Psychotherapy to her advantage , giving a glimpse into the mind of a criminal.

From the first chapter itself the book has an edgy quality, keeping you on tenterhooks and anxious to get on to the next page, in fact sometimes the waiting would actually get too tortuous and I think it is done on purpose as the author wants you to feel the same tension that Kal is going through.But as Kal says in the Chapter 2 of this book, “frustration gives me indigestion …”

Well I too suffered along with the characters in teeth biting suspense of what next !
But too much of a good thing is also bad because some passages involving action were so tedious that I had to skip them.I think this book will benefit from some slick editing.

The novel also has a sub plot of self-discovery where Kal tries to settle her own internal demons and make peace with her past.

I look forward to the next adventure of Kal Medi with DI Spinks and her best friend Marty though it is nowhere in the league of the Millenium series but definitely makes for a riveting read.

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  1. The start of this mystery thriller intrigued me so much. It sounds a perfect suspense of what would have unfolded as she went in search of her mom. Thanks for suggesting, will read it.

  2. I love this book and what you did here. I was gifted a kindle copy of this book. But I haven't read it since I had stopped reading fictional works and now only focus on nonfictional personal development works. I'm sure it will be a great read and will find time to read it soon.

  3. It looks like a good book, just not my cup of tea, I can enjoy some thriller, and action, but I am more of Sci-fi /horror type of person, I'll give this book a try it might surprise me.

  4. Kal's mother disappears and she is drawn into a search for her, using unique skills taught to her by her father before he died. Kal believes her mother's disappearance is related to death threat messages her family has been receiving for years. Following clues left by her mother, Kal' s search takes her to India, where a bio-tek company is developing next generation medical devices using orphaned children with birth defects as test subjects for their research and development, under the guise of philanthropy. As Kal digs deeper, she uncovers a vast network of wealthy, powerful conspirators who will stop at nothing to protect their evil exploitation of helpless children, as well as the secrets behind her father's life, the "training" he insisted she learn, the mystery of his death, her mother's disappearance, and the vendetta against her family. This one kept me up reading all night!

  5. What an interesting novel! I am reading a thriller mystery, "Ringu", in Japanese. I read it English and watched the movies but I can't wait to read it in Japanese!

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