Book Review : Sherlock Holmes – Playing the Game

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Genre – Mystery, Humour
Pages – 192
Format available – It is only available in Kindle version in India 
Price – Rs 213/- or  Free with kindle Unlimited

About The Author 

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Cenarth Fox is a former teacher and  has written the  Detective Joanna Best Mysteries among his various books, plays and musicals . He lives in Melbourne ,Australia with his wife and a pets.

About The Book 

I was thrilled to receive my copy of this book as I am a die-hard fan of Sherlock Holmes and the Whodunit genre but my enthusiasm was short lived.
Not meaning to be a spoilsport , this book is not so much about the unravelling of a murder mystery but rather a probable unravelling of the famous  ” Consulting detective ” Sherlock Holmes and his good friend Dr. Watson themselves that too at the hands of their very homely and dignified landlady Mrs. Hudson.
Sherlock’s legendary powers of deduction almost leave him when confronted with this powerful foe.
The plot becomes complicated when Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the original creator of Sherlock Holmes becomes embroiled in this messy affair.The creator is pitted against the creation and it is a tug of war !
Thankfully in the end , all is sorted and we have another feather in his famous Deerstalker Hat.
Sherlock Holmes – Playing the Game has the same delightful and almost absent minded witticisms of the original ,which make it quiet a delight to read and almost reminded me of the writing style of
The book could do with a more slicker pace though .
After finishing the book I feel this book was meant to be translated into a play because of the copious dialogues and less action of the sleuthing kind.
This is the first book of Cenarth Fox that I have read and I sure liked his writing style enough to be enthused about reading up ”The Schoolboy Sherlock Holmes ”, one  of the more popular work of Cenarth Fox  based on the same  sleuth .

Final Verdict   

The book is definitely enjoyable and funny but the pace is slow and did not thrill me much with its mystery because of which I rate it a 3/5. I have a feeling that this could well turn out into a popular stage drama like some of Cenarth’s earlier works.

11 responses to “Book Review : Sherlock Holmes – Playing the Game”

  1. Wow I am impressed that you had shared your honest review..I had not read any book of sherlock holmes series before,but heard a lot about it. will check out other books too, from this series.

  2. I like mystery and thrillers, however never actually landed on Sherlock Holmes books although I have watched his movies.
    The review is telling me not to start reading Sherlock Holmes with this one either. Thanks for honest review.

  3. I haven't watched or read Sherlock Holmes. But a couple of movies, I have watched and I found them good. It is heard to recreate the same thrill and suspense that we see in movies or shows. As we are used to of seeing the characters playing the role with background music that adds up to the ambience.

  4. I have a book on Sherlock Holmes and there are so many series that on Netflix and all. I've yet to watch the new ones but I have watched and loved the older versions.

  5. I haven't never watched or read Sherlock Holmes. But there's always a curiosity in me. The book sounds like a good read but as per your review it's not more unravelling of a murder mystery so I would skip it.

  6. I haven't read Sherlock Holmes but heard a lot. As you mentioned in the review this is not so thrilling so I will pick some other one to explore the mystery of Sherlock Holmes. Thanks for the honest review.

  7. I'm a Sherlock Holmes fan and love reading his stories. The pace is what keeps me hooked and am sad that it's missing here. Maybe will give it a pass.

  8. I have started reading this book on Friday and now I am sure it would be interesting and good one time read. Would share my thoughts on completion of the book.

  9. Thanks for a detailed review of the book. I have never been an avid reader but my husband loves reading. I will definitely recommend this book to him.

  10. Hi from another Sherlock Homes fan buddy, and even if you give it a lesser star, I may still like to read this one given a chance, I value your earnesty as a reviewer

  11. Thanks for sharing the book review. I am not an avid reader but my husband is. Will definitely recommend this book to him after reading yr review.

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