My November Book Picks – Some Engaging Reads

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Thanks to the Blogchatter #TBRChallenge, I have made it a task to read at least one book every month and I am glad that in November I was able to surpass this target. Here is a quick rewind of my November book picks for you to browse through.

November book picks

1. A Few Right Thinking Men by Sulari Gentill

I had never read a book by Sulari Gentill a.k.a S.D.Gentill, who is a Sri Lanka-born Australian author, and is known for writing books about fiction and mysteries.Thanks to the #BookishLeague by Ritu Bindra I came across a book by this author and made a note to check out her work. This is a part of her Rowland Sinclair mysteries, set in early Australia. Shockingly the book reveals a murder in the first chapter itself – The murder of Rowland Sinclair.I am soon going to add a full review soon.In short I loved this book, but compared to Agatha Christie to whom she was compared, I think this book was a pale version, though I must read more of her mysteries to make a final opinion.But I must admit she does enthrall with her rich narration, bringing alive the 2oth century Australia and some dazzling and glamorous characters but sadly I had solved the mystery halfway through which was a bit of a dampener) or maybe I am too smart-Hehehe !)

Read my full review Here

2. Mad Sisters of Esi by Tashan Mehta 

As a challenge to myself, I chose this book just because it was a bit beyond my regular reading styles- this one is a Fantasy fiction and I am glad that picked it up because it not only paints a beautiful fantasy world but also narrates the heart warming story of two sisters who overcome tribulations to forge a stronger bond.Tashan Mehta weaves a magical world with her words.You can read more about it – here

3. Saint Richard Parker by Merlin Franco 

Novemebr book picks

If laughter is your medicine , you will love this one.Merlin Franco’s Saint Richard Parker is an investigative journalist who after getting kicked out of his job , loses his faith along with his dignity and sets out to renew his faith which takes him to his Guruji. The Guru ji indicates that he will find true love if he goes towards the East.

What follows is a hilarious tale of misunderstandings and entanglements and as we say in Hindi – laut ke buddhu Ghar ko aye ( the idiot has to return home). The book is not only full of funny mishaps but also a hard hitting satire that talks of regionalism, racism ( the yellow woman prefers the white man over the brown man ) and divisive politics.It also makes for a wonderful travelogue,narrating in detail about the expenses, stays and culture of Singapore, Thailand , Brunei etc , all of it while keeping us entertained through the witty repartees and misadventures.

Read my detailed review and some juicy excerpts here – Saint Richard Parker

4.Traitors Gate by Jeffrey Archer

Jeffrey Archer  has been one of my favorite authors.When I saw that he was about to launch a new thriller, I had to prebook my copy so that I could lay my hands on it as soon as it was published in India.

November book picks

The plot revolves around the plan of infamous millionaire and a crook to the heart Miles Faulkner’s thirst for  revenge and his evil plans are fixed around the crown jewels. With meticulous planning for months, he even succeeds in stealing the crown jewels.With only 24 hours at hand to restore the Royal Crown to its right place before the Queen is set to address the Parliament,the clock is ticking for Superintendent Warwick and Inspector Ross Hogan and their team.An assignment that could take away all their life’s work and bring shame and a  prison sentence  to them if they failed but no glory if they succeed!

Read my detailed review –  The Traitor’s Gate

With this my November book list comes to an end. Let me know in the comments below if you have read any o these or if you spot any favourite author here.


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