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Traitors Gate by Jeffrey Archer

Book Review of Traitors Gate by Jeffrey Archer


The book is set in 1996, the affluent millionaire and con artist Miles Faulkner has returned to London after serving his prison sentence and is engaged in his usual dark antics. Meanwhile, Chief Superintendent of Police of Scotland Yard, William Warwick, with the capable support of his right-hand man Inspector Ross Hogan, is in charge of Scotland Yard’s Royalty Protection unit. Among one of their yearly responsibilities (particularly during election years) is to transport the Crown Jewels including the Imperial State Crown From the Jewel house to  to Buckingham Palace in a secure manner so the Queen can wear them as part of her official regalia  for her opening address to the Parliament.

Miles Faulkner is plotting revenge and his evil plans are fixed around the crown jewels. With meticulous planning for months, he even succeeds in his plans. With only 24 hours at hand to restore the Royal Crown to its right place before anyone discovers them missing, the clock is ticking for Superintendent Warwick and Inspector Ross Hogan and their team.An assignment that could take away all their life’s work and bring shame and a  prison sentence  to them if they failed but no glory if they succeed.

The Author- Jeffrey Archer

Book review of Traitors Gate by Jeffrey Archer

Born in London, England, Sir Jeffrey Archer is a celebrated name in the literary world for many decades.He is known for his fine understanding of British History and politics.He has authored many famous series – The Cliffton Chronicles, The Lincoln Lawyer series, Kane and Abel series etc  to name a few.He has been awarded with life peership and has been in active politics too.His personal life has been full of ups and down and makes for an interesting story in itself. He also wrote a three-volume memoir A Prison Diary while serving a prison sentence in 2001.

Salient features of the book ” Traitors Gate “by Jeffrey Archer

  1. Riveting Plot : As with most of Jeffrey Archer’s previous books, this book too has a great plot,it is a part of the William Warwick series but there is no need to read previous books to make sense of this book.Archer gives enough background without making it too boring to appreciate the characters and their past entanglements. The book has 27 chapters in total.Unfortunately the pace slackens a bit midway when Archer tries to forward the story without trying to give away the plot. It was here that I almost felt out of my depths but Archer quickly tightens the reins to get the going faster.Notably enough this book isn’t your edge of the seat drama, with many lives at risk but it is clever and engaging enough to keep your interest going.
  2. Believable Well Etched Characters : The main characters of William Warwick, Inspector Ross, Beth Warwick and Mikes Faulkner are believable with their eccentricities, loves and hates all carefully documented by Archer. This teamwork works very well for me.
  3. Witty Narration : One of the reasons I have loved ready Jeffrey Archer’s books , is the subdued wit and mystery when he is telling a story.This gift he has perfected to an art form or should I say trade mark.It is indeed remarkable to write hundreds of book without losing his magic or sounding redundant.Sample this – ‘Death, debt and divorce, as you so often remind me ,’ said William,’ are the art dealer’s best friends.’
  4. Addendum :A classified file on Superintendent William Warwick at the end of the book, adds to the story by giving a background on the lead character.But I feel this could have been included in the beginning of the book for a better introduction rather than at the end of the story.
  5. Interesting bits of British History  : Traitors Gate also has a very interesting parallel comparison to a similar heist in British History by Colonel Blood  and its surprising outcome. He was caught but instead of being hung , drawn or quartered , he was given the resident governorship of the Towers that housed the jewels and also given knighthood.Read the book to know why!

Book review of Traitors Gate by Jeffrey Archer

Book Specifications

Title – Traitors Gate

Author – Jeffrey Archer

Price- Rs 499/-

Pages – 356

Genre – Thriller, Crime, Fiction,Mystery

Language – English


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