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    The name of this Gastropub on the Invite perplexed me – I can understand “Smaaash ” but what is a “Pub Exchange “?                                              The mystery was solved once I went inside.They have actually […]

  • Welcome back – Mowgli and his Friends !

                        The other day, I was spending quality time with my kids ( which generally means watching cartoons wth my five years old ) when a familiar tune grabbed my attention . I  looked at the T.V. and saw “ The Jungle Book ” Movie commercial streaming […]

  • Turning Eighteen !

      It was Rithik ‘s Eighteenth birthday and everybody was very excited .There was going to be a grand birthday bash for the brand new  adult in the household and Mom ,Dad and Di (elder sister) were busy checking that everything was going as per the plan .Oblivious to it all , Rithik sat in […]