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  • 5 New Year Resolutions you can Keep

    5 New Year Resolutions you can Keep

    Most of us like to start the New Year wishing for great things to achieve we often make a New Year Resolution or a list of New Year Resolutions. Predictably though most of us end up not sticking to those resolutions. Then as the current year comes to an end, we either chalk up another […]

  • Why is Mental Health Important ?

    Why is Mental Health Important ?

      The past two years have been unarguably the most difficult period in everyone’s life when the world was seized by the SARS-COV-2 pandemic. The pandemic and the lockdown kept most of us indoors into a  forced social isolation. The lockdown came with many uncertainties – our jobs, our finances. our health, the health of […]

  • Ten ways how Exercise can benefit your Mental Health

    Ten ways how Exercise can benefit your Mental Health

    (Image source – Pexels) We keep hearing from experts that exercise is good for us but we often end up finding excuses for not exercising. This holds more true when we are stressed and do not sleep well or when we are depressed and do not feel like stepping out of our homes. Nowadays the […]

  • A Complete guide to Post- COVID Mental Health Issues

    The world is still reeling under the COVID 19 Epidemic, despite the availability of the COVID vaccine, the emergence of new strains of the virus is keeping researchers and the medical world on their feet.  India has recorded close to 11 million COVID cases so far and many of those who have recovered are complaining […]

  • Restaurant Review : Saatvik – Proudly Vegetarian

                                        Sattvik is a purely Vegetarian restaurant and is conveniently located in Select Citywalk, Delhi,so parking and getting there is not a challenge. Sattvik is derived from the Sanskrit word “Sattva ” which mean pure, ethical ,clean etc. […]

  • 10 warning Signs of Suicide

    10 warning Signs of Suicide

      The recent suicide by the young and talented Indian actor Sushant Singh Rajput has once again brought the issue of mental health to the front. Even though it is beyond the scope of this post to speculate about what compelled the immensely loved actor to end his life, it is definitely time for us […]

  • All You Need to Know about Face Masks

    The two month long lock down during the COVID-19 Pandemic has had our country going into economic regression and the government has no other alternative but to relax the lock down for allowing people to start working and fuel the economy.But with more and more people returning to work and coming out of the safety of […]

  • How Plastic Straws are killing marine animals and what are the alternatives

    How Plastic Straws are killing marine animals and what are the alternatives

    Plastic Straws Kill – Switch to Steel Straws today !   According to a study conducted by the  Plymouth University of  England, plastic pollution affects at least 700 marine species, while some estimates suggest that at least 100 million marine mammals  like Whales, Dolphins, Seals and Sea Lions are killed each year from plastic pollution. […]

  • Morris Garages Hector – The first Internet Car in India with iSmart Next Gen

    MG Motors India’s Hector is the First Internet Car or Smart Car to be launched in June 2019 in India under the mid size SUV segment and so I had every reason to be thrilled when I was invited to witness the  sneak preview of the MG Hector at J.W. Marriott Hotel in New Delhi. […]

  • Charming Silk Sarees for the Blushing Indian Bride

    An Indian bride’s wedding day is that one day, wherein she looks forward to displaying the perfect vision of charming grace, refined elegance and glowing beauty via her attire, clothing accessories and makeup! Towards this end, she will go for a pure silk saree as her traditional outfit. Here are some of the most popular […]