Revlon Super Lustrous Matte Lipstick -SEDUCTIVE SIENNA

Hi Girls !
How are all of you ? Have you started shopping for the on coming Festive season yet ? Well , I have .
After a long break I decided to go back to my first love in make up , that is- lipstick .Without too much ado I will straightaway take the plunge and start rattling off my experience with this new lipstick .
PriceINR 550/- only  for 4.2 gms .
The colour in natural day light
The colour in artifical light
The Presentation —It comes in a sturdy plastic black and gold bullet ,easily retractable and travel friendly .I love the fact that it has a transparent top , so you can place the lipstick either way up and still know which shade it is .The bottom has a sticker describing the shade .This saves so much hassle .
The bottom of the Lipstick case
Right out of the bullet
The Product —There are a few things that I loved about ” Seductive Sienna ” and there were a few that I did not .
The things I loved about “Seductive Sienna”

1. Matte texture 
2.Lasts more than 4 hours and leaves a lovely tint behind on the lips .
3.The price is pocket friendly .
4.The bullet is quite sturdy and user friendly .
5.Nice Mauve-ish brown shade with bit of deep red under certain lights .
6.Hides pigmentation well and good color pay -off .
7.Suits dusky complexions well .

Hand swatch in natural light 


The things I did not like about “Seductive Sienna “

1 It augments the fine lines on the lips due to its dry texture , you can probably get that from the picture     below .
2.The colour looks  neon and much brighter in the day light but this can also be positive for some as such colours are in vogue nowadays .
3.Very few shades to choose from , I had to choose between this and a brighter red so I chose this .
Lip swatch Picture taken in artificial light

Final verdict — I would rate it 3/5 , points deducted because of the very dry texture and the variation in colour during the day and night .Otherwise it is a nice , sturdy lipstick which is good to go .


6 responses to “Revlon Super Lustrous Matte Lipstick -SEDUCTIVE SIENNA”

  1. Yes , it makes the lips dry .I tried it again after applying Maybelline Baby lips balm under this lipstick and it felt much more comfortable and wearable also the shade is very flattering .

  2. Hello. I just bought Seductive Sienna 2 weeks ago. I didn't like it at first. I'm a type of girl who really loves red lipstick. But my friend convinced me its really make me great with it. First try, I didn't like. Since it didn't bright as red. But soon after that, I realize that the color look natural on me. Its neither nude nor bright. Its really suitable for hang out session with friends. I read that you didn't like augments in your skin. As far as I know, matte lipstick has a dry characteristic since the objective of the matte lipstick is to last longer than other lipsticks. And yes, it will leave augments that on our skins and lips. Its recommended to wear lip primer or color our lips with lip liner first. Its protect our lips and augments will less appear. Revlon Lustrous Matte Lipstick are last long 4hours at max, that's really true indeed. Its really balance out with affordable price. I recommend NARS and MAC that's much longer last. I love your post btw. Its simple! 🙂

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