Silent Bells and a Blue Christmas – Remembering Papa!

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(This poem is in remembrance of my beloved Father, who passed away in January this year after struggling for years with cancer, leaving behind a void that we are trying to fill with the beautiful memories he left behind.)


December heralds a chill in the air,

Yet the warmth of memories lingers here

Christmas carols play, a bittersweet sound,

As echoes of merry laughter abound.


Those calloused hands, eyes crinkled but kind,

Choosing each gift with a thoughtful mind.

hobbling through the market, a smile in your heart

The joy of Christmas gifts , Children’s mirth


Bells adorning the tree,of silver and gold.

The festivity heavy with feelings untold

Amidst the twinkling lights, a vacant chair,

Poignant reminder of love and care


This year, the silence feels heavy and vast,

Though you are gone, the remembrance will last.

Your visage –  sage, kindly and upright

Now, a cherished memory, soft and bright.


His absence looming, to fate we bow,

The tree is adorned , Silver Bells glow,

A Blue Christmas , a bittersweet refrain,

Enduring memories bringing joy with pain.


“This post is a part of Jingle Bell Blog Hop hosted by Sukaina Majeed  and Manali Desai

This post was  also created for the  Blogaberry Creative (Monthly) Challenge


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