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 This 8th October 2016 will be a historical moment as at 8 PM , Zee TV will bring together two living legends of Indian cinema –  Amitabh Bachchan and Shatrughan Sinha ,for the very first time on a television chat show- Yaaron Ki Baraat“.It will be such a delight to watch theses legends sharing the story of their friendship .
The show will be hosted by the very popular Sajid Khan and Riteish Deshmukh and I am so looking forwards to seeing these legendary friends share small anecdotes of their friendship.
While on the topic of friendship ,let me today share my own little story of friendship .My best friend to this day is my school friend Sonika . 
People feel we are like chalk and cheese –poles apart even in our physical appearances. Herself being an imposing fair doe with a flawless complexion and myself a thin, brown girl who was often mistaken for being a “south Indian “ because of my well-oiled plaited hair!
She is a  pukka carnivore and I am a pure vegetarian .She is such a warm , bubbly , confident and extrovert person that people call her “supersonic “ whereas I am this mousy , brooding,  introvert person .
Through thick or thin !

I and Sonika became best friends in school .Both of us were new admissions to that school and found ourselves unable to gel with our new classmates .Luckily we both sat on the same bench and hit it off like a house on fire .We cracked jokes, drummed our fingers on our benches on the latest Bollywood songs and even ended up having a crush on the same boy! Of course , that never came between us because it was just a crush and we moved on with our respective lives .The big boards ensured that we were neck deep in studies and parted without any addresses or phone numbers to hold on to .
I missed her every now and then but could not find her .There was no facebook in those days !
Years later ,actually fifteen long years later (to be precise ) ,we met again by a lucky coincidence .I was working as a senior  homeopathic consultant in a very famous chain of clinics and was seeing cases that were escalated to me for review and … in she walked !My heart leapt with joy and rapture at her sight .I had found my long lost friend finally !We exchanged numbers and caught up on the last fifteen years that we had spent away from each other .
BFFs !

Unfortunately for me, I left that job soon and also had to change my phone number and somehow we  again lost touch  of each other .I know it all sounds so foolish  but this was the sad truth .
After leaving my job , I was going through a lot of upheavals that kept me on my toes .One day as I was going through a particularly depressing day , I started searching for old friends to divert my attention  .And thus started mission “Finding  Sonika “! I sat at my desktop for two consecutive days, peering at all possible spelling permutations and combinations of her name , checking out all the profiles with that name till I concluded that she was probably not on Facebook .But something within me egged me on to keep  trying,so now I started searching for her siblings whom I knew from our school days .
Bingo !
I found her brother online and  sent him a message through  his inbox and then sat with my fingers crossed .It was only after another three days of agonising wait that I got his reply where he forwarded her address and contact number .
Happy Times are Here to Stay

And then we were reunited again .She was my anchor in those tough times , steering me out of choppy waters and helping me emerge victorious out of the dark phase of my life .
Our friendship has stood the test of time and I hope it shall remain so in future too .Thanks for everything ,Yaar !

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