World Health Day – Checking Climate Change for a #HappierTomorrow

Our Planet , Our Health

   #WorldHealthDay- Raising awareness for a #HealthierTomorrow  The 7th of April is celebrated every year as World Health Day. Every year the WHO sets a theme for the year to focus attention on a certain issue. The theme of this year’s World Health day is – Our Planet, Our Health. This theme highlights the issue…… Continue reading World Health Day – Checking Climate Change for a #HappierTomorrow

A Simple Guide to Understanding ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder)

                                   Today, approximately One in 160 children has an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) (1)The number of children suffering from ASD appears to be increasing every year all over the world.The prevalence seems to be far more in the developed…… Continue reading A Simple Guide to Understanding ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder)

Palm Oil – Good or Bad ?

I recently got the opportunity  to attend a webinar conducted by the Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC) and I must say it was stimulating.To know more about Palm Oil , please read my previous post here                                       …… Continue reading Palm Oil – Good or Bad ?

The Palm Oil Gourmet Delights Event – Myths busted about palm Oil

Recently I was invited to attend ‘ The Palm Oil Gourmet Delights ‘ event organized by the Malaysian Palm Oil Council (#MPOC ) to educate about the diverse uses of palm oil and to bust some myths about #PalmOil consumption.The event was insightful as well as it was fun filled with some interesting activities lined…… Continue reading The Palm Oil Gourmet Delights Event – Myths busted about palm Oil

Defying Disability – Overcoming Obstacles

If you’re reading this and are not disabled then you are among the fortunate majority of Indian population that does not have to live with a disability and has access to education and employment as a basic right.The other 3.8% of Indian population, unfortunately, has some or the other form of physical disability which deprives them…… Continue reading Defying Disability – Overcoming Obstacles

It’s #CuttingPaani Time NOW

             ( #CuttingPaani is an initiative by Livpure ,the market leader in RO purifier ,to raise awareness about water conservation in India  )Some of you might laugh and smirk about the concept of  ‘CuttingPaani ‘ but I am sure most would agree that water conservation is no laughing matter .The…… Continue reading It’s #CuttingPaani Time NOW

Best Friends Forever !

 This 8th October 2016 will be a historical moment as at 8 PM , Zee TV will bring together two living legends of Indian cinema –  Amitabh Bachchan and Shatrughan Sinha ,for the very first time on a television chat show- “Yaaron Ki Baraat”.It will be such a delight to watch theses legends sharing the…… Continue reading Best Friends Forever !

Gender Equality at Home

Let me today share a small incident from my life .My domestic help left for the summer vacations to her native village .Generally I make do on my own when she is away as I am very finicky about how my work is done.As my bad luck would have it , one day while cleaning…… Continue reading Gender Equality at Home

How To tackle your Teenager’s Disdain

Hi Friends !Here is a snippet of my article published on “‘World of Moms “.Ever tried commenting upon your teenage son/daughter’s rather “different “hair do ?I am sure most of us have received  the same response .”Duh!”,”Chill Mom!” or even worse an “eye roll “or a dismissive shrug of the shoulders! The “Eye roll “,…… Continue reading How To tackle your Teenager’s Disdain

Live,Love,Laugh – #KhulKeKheloHoli !

                     You start dying slowlyif you do not travel,if you do not read,If you do not listen to the sounds of life,If you do not appreciate yourself.You start dying slowlyWhen you kill your self-esteem;When you do not let others help you.You start dying slowlyIf you become…… Continue reading Live,Love,Laugh – #KhulKeKheloHoli !

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