What being a person with Disability taught me

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  1. First of all, kudos to your strong willpower. You know we all this power within us, and you have already awaken that power.
    Coming to the facilities and our attitude towards people with disability, then yes, I agree. People don’t have to show them sympathy but respect their individuality and do not make them feel that they are lacking something. In terms of facilities then, from your experience, there shouldn’t be a need to ask for the wheelchair. It has to be there already.

  2. I hope you are recovering well. yes, we feel helpless and suffer from many emotions ( anger, depression), when some sort of physical issues, impact our daily routine and activities. I really liked your positive sprit and wishing you a speedy recovery.

  3. You are so strong Dr Preeti and I hope that you are recovering fine now. Indeed every physical challenge brings across many other challenges too,and we really need to have a stable attitude as per the situation.

  4. Nothing is impossible if you have a positive attitude and great willpower..this is one article I loved reading today!!

  5. Your experience surely teaches us a lesson to be empathetic towards disabled. Every unit should have disable friendly environment where all can enjoy the facilities. I think it is far sighted approach, but surely things are changing.

  6. Get well soon. This too shall pass. It is sad that India is such a vast country, yet we have no proper facilities for the disabled. In my travels in Mexico, I have seen ancient people travelling with their families. Wheelchairs and ramps are mandatory everywhere.

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