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             ( #CuttingPaani is an initiative by Livpure ,the market leader in RO purifier ,
to raise awareness about water conservation in India  )

Some of you might laugh and smirk about the concept of  ‘CuttingPaani ‘ but I am sure most would agree that water conservation is no laughing matter .The increasing  population, improved living standards, changing consumption and needs, and expansion of area under irrigation combined with climate change (read  droughts or floods), deforestation, increased pollution, and wasteful use of water are all contributing  to the  rising global demand for water and water scarcity .


1. An adult residing in an  urban area needs about  126 Litre of water per day.
2. Of all the water on Earth ,only 2.5 – 2.75% is fresh water.
3. Out of the total fresh water on Earth , 1.75 -2% is frozen in glaciers and beyond use.That leaves a         mere 0.014% of all water accessible for human use.
4. One in eight people in the world does not have access to safe water even today
5. Water Crisis will loom large in the next decade with demand for water expected to outstrip supply      by 40% in 2030 unless we do something about .

Millions of young girls are missing education
because they have to scout for water everyday(wikipedia)

The keyword here is Conservation .Use less and recycle more !

Here are some ways in which I try to recycle water and use less water :

1. Clean cars with bucket and washcloth not by using pipes. I recycle water left from washing clothes  to use for mopping and cleaning cars .

2.I water my plants with water left over from school bottles, discarded water from the aquarium water and the R.O. water purifier .

3. I avoid taking showers ,of course I do take baths (LOL!), but I use buckets and do not let the water run when the bucket is full so that I can regulate my water usage .

4. I try and use minimum amount of detergent and try to wash clothes in one go to reduce water consumption by my washing machine .

5. To check any leakages in water lines as soon as possible .

6. If role models could lead the way – going bald may reduce water needed for washing the hair !
I know it sounds drastic but could help with a population of crores.It is all about taking initiative .

A water ATM in Himachal Pradesh -making clean
drinking water more accessible and cheaper
(Pic courtesy -Arun Kumar)

What Government can do ?

1. Make Rainwater harvesting compulsory in all localities

2. Use two types of water supply lines – treated water for drinking and another water line for untreated raw water that can be used for washing and cleaningand gardening purposes .This would cut down costs incurred in purifying water. That money can then be used for conservation methods.

3. Afforestation to reduce soil erosion and improve ground water charging .

4. Have a cap on the supply of water per household like ration cards.

Not all hope is lost, here are some examples of innovation and age old ancient wisdom that have opened up  new channels of hope :

Chewang Norphel – Nick named as Ice man of India ,Chewang Norphel has engineered artificial glaciers in Ladakh that provide water for irrigation round the year .

A Tanka in Ismailpur for storing rainwater
(source-hindustantimes )

Ismailpur village of Jhunjhunu district (Rajasthan)  has fought government apathy and its water woes by setting up 13-foot-deep underground tanks in each home.These tanks can store 20,000 litres of rainwater which is sufficient to meet their daily needs throughout the year.These tanks are charged with rooftop water harvesting during monsoons.

A revived Baoli
 (source –

The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has successfully revived  two medieval ‘baolis ‘ in South Delhi, and projects are underway now to revive other water bodies and step wells in the city.This will not only help in conserving our heritage structures but also help in providing water for local use.

What can you do ?

Fuel the initiative to Save water, Sign the Petition  and join the growing Tribe of  #CuttingPani lovers.

Comment below if you have any #CuttingPaani type of ideas for saving water that you would like to share with the world.

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