Pre-Marital Sex –Aye or Nay

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I am no fan of casual sex ,either before or after marriage . I also have nothing against Pre-marital sex but here I would like to write about the reasons why  it is still a big taboo in our Indian middle class society .

For some it could be the desire to save themselves for their marriages  including both genders and I respect that .Sex is the highest level of intimacy and it is natural to invite the most special person in your life to that intimacy .The inhibitions can be shed only in front of the person who you think cares most about you , who would not judge you or be harsh to you , some one you trust completely .
But at the same time what if that trust is broken ,it may break their heart and soul .

So if you do  meet such a special  person would you still like to wait till marriage to reach that level of complete surrender .You would not wait , if you trust your instincts about that person and the person herself or himself completely .But if the person is not right you would have your doubts .
Also marriage is not just consensual , legalized sex .Marriage is also about financial responsibility and maturity .

Another major reason is the fear of pregnancy and infections .But I think with the amount of aggressive advertising that is hardly a detriment for the not having sex before marriage ,at least in these times .

I feel the strongest reason is that even today Virginity is considered a virtue in a woman .A sign of purity , she is a prized possession (whatever happens to that trophy after the deflowering is a completely different matter ).A woman who sleeps with a  man  before marriage is considered a shame .Though a man who does so can boast of it , a woman must either keep silent and hang her head in shame or lie about her virginity .

Being a mother , I am more open to the sexuality of my children  than probably my parents were .I might accept my son or daughter indulging in sex before marriage , but my social upbringing will always keep me worried about the consequences of that on their physical , social and psychological health …

This is an entry to the Indiblogger contest , ” Pre -marital sex-yes or no “.A contest to be judged by famous writer Poonam Uppal , who is the writer of bestseller A passionaate Gospel of True love: A Mystical true love story at Flipcart

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