When Love Goes Down the Drain…

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Today was a special day for Nida .It was her third wedding anniversary.She and Rizwan had made special plans for tonight .They had a toddler at home but her best friend Nita  had agreed to baby sit for her while they went out for a long drive and dinner .
Even before their marriage ,Nida loved going for long drives with Rizwan.She loved the thrill of abandon that it gave her as the wind swept through her long ,golden brown hair .Their parents had agreed readily for their marriage as Rizwan belonged to their community and was a nice boy with sound business acumen.
Time flew as Nida settled into married life .She had been the darling daughter of her house and did not know much about kitchen work and other household chores but there were no worries as she had two servants to help her out in her new house too .
But an unfortunate turn of events made Rizwan suffer serious losses in business and Nida’s world came crashing down .She was pregnant with their first child .After various fruitless conversations, her husband grudgingly acknowledged that the only way out of this financial mess was for both of them to take up jobs .
Yesteryear’s carefree Nida of the golden brown hair and ever smiling face transformed into a serious woman overnight .After quickly finishing cooking and cleaning for the day she  set out for office with her hair tied into a tight long plait ,holding onto her handbag .She would come back at night and put the clothes  in the washing machine while hurriedly preparing dinner.She would keep on running from kitchen to bathroom to peek at the laundering .At the end of the day there was hardly any energy or time left for love .
Her life became even busier with the arrival of Farhan , their first born.As much as she loved their bundle of joy ,her busy life and loss of sleep started making her cranky .The only time that Nida smiled was when Farhan was in her arms, back from his creche .
Their hard work was paying off and they were now able to repay their debts and were looking forward to start their old business afresh .
She had jumped with joy when Rizwan had suggested that they go for a night out on their wedding anniversary .Luckily Nita had offered to take care of the baby while they enjoyed a bit .
Nida took care to dress today , leaving her long soft hair loose .She wore a red chiffon saree with a diamond necklace that was her most prized possession . 
“All set to dazzle?” queried the bewitched Rizwan as he eyed her.
Nida nodded her pretty head as Rizwan took her arm to escort her out of the house and into the car.The moment she lifted her dainty foot to step out , she suddenly recalled that their were two bucketful of clothes waiting to be washed and she had no time to do the washing in the morning .She
haltingly told Rizwan that she had some laundry to finish before going out ,expecting him to lose his cool .

“They have been taken care off while you were getting ready , My Love !Tonight no one can keep us away from each other .And why only tonight ,rather every night of our lives , Nida  !”proclaimed Rizwan loudly .

And then hand in hand ,Rizwan and Nida walked out into the enchanting night.

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