Fratelli TiLT WINE CANS (Wine in a Can WiC)

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Fratelli Tilt Wine Cans
Fratelli Tilt WiC offer a fun and easy way to have your favorite wine

What if you could carry your wine wherever you go without the hassles of fancy glasses, lugging around the heavy and fragile wine bottles and uncorking? Fratelli Tilt Wine Cans offers you just that.

Fratelli wines has launched an innovative way of drinking wine in India – Wine in a Can !

Now you can drink your favorite wine from a CAN anywhere !

CAN you jolly believe that !!

Going by the market trends this product is aimed at young people , people who love to be on the go !

Fratelli Tilt wine cans come in four different varietals

TiLT Red : Red wine , elegant with ripe plum finish 

TiLT White  : White wine with balanced acidity and a smooth finish

TiLT Bubbly :  Refreshing with citrus finish but balanced in acidity

TiLT Bubbly Rosé : Rose wine with a mild berry flavor

Noi Spritzer  – Sweet and Fresh with 8% alcohol

Price : INR 180/0 for 250 ml  can 

Alcohol : 11 % by volume except the NOI spritzer that has only 8% v/v alcohol 

What I loved about the Fratelli Tilt Wine Cans 

1. The price – At INR 180/- for a Tilt wine can ( the prices vary according to your region ) it is cheaper than a premium beer can

2. The convenience – It is a slim and makes for a good grip. This WiC can be easily dropped in your handbag while travelling. No fear of spilling the wine or breaking the glass bottles like in older times.
3. No fancy glasses needed – Now you can just take a swig of your Tilt  wine can from the Flip top Can and do away with expensive crystal glasses or even shabby plastic ones!
No cleaning required ! Easy-peasy !!
4. The packaging – The packaging of Fratelli Tilt WIC  is very attractive and premium with an international feel. You would love to flaunt these wine cans! These slim and vibrant cans look so much better than the drab green old wine bottles. It kind of sets you in the party mood with its fun and bright colors.
5. Ecofriendly – You can help the environment because these cans are recyclable.

What is not so lovable about Tilt WiC ?

1. Too much fizz , specially in the bubby wines
2. You can’t choose your varietals or vintage since it a blend of grape varietals.

Final Verdict  

Tilt wines cans by Fratelli Wines is a relatively new concept but catching on. Tilt Wic takes the snobbery and tediousness out of wine drinking and makes it a fun and easy drink for the youngsters. A drink that can be had on the go – whenever and wherever !


Fratelli Tilt Wine Can Red
Fratelli  Tilt Red is a fruity and elegant red wine blend


My personal favorite is the Tilt RED, it has the perfect balance of fruitiness and freshness.
Let me know in the comments below if you have tried the  Fratelli Tilt wine in a Can yet !

So go ahead ,Make the Move and  Tilt your World but drink responsibly 

Loved it ?
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