Great breakfast recipes with Kellogg’s at Guptaji’s home

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Ask any woman ,the biggest challenge of her day and the answer would in all likelihood be ,”What to cook today ?” For every working woman the challenge goes a step higher ,”What can I cook which is healthy, tasty and takes less time to cook ?”

Everyday ,I get a few patients of acidity and gastritis .The culprit is always modern fast living making them skip breakfast .Most of the time it is women who can make tiffins for the whole family but do not want to waste time rolling out a chapati for herself and then waste time eating it .The result is acidity , bad digestion and in the long run gallstones, diabetes , hypertension .
On the other hand is another group which skips meals because they want to lose weight and having the traditional grease laden paranthas will cause weight gain and so they choose to skip the breakfast as a shortcut to weight loss .Though it only slows down their metabolic rate and can cause nutritional deficiencies making them cranky,weak and falling sick frequently.

My Rx :

A solid Anaaj ka Nashta (cereal breakfast) every day.

Coming to a healthy and tasty start of the day, I recollect my recent visit to our neighbour Guptaji’s house for breakfast.
We had recently shifted residence and so our friendly neighbour Guptaji invited our family to breakfast at their home.

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Guptaji’s family consists of the simple and warm hearted Mr. Gautam Gupta , his effervescent and beautiful wife Mrs. Shalu Gupta ,their cherubic son Gattu and bubbly teenaged daughter Ritu.Their’s is a small and happy family .Always smiling and ready to help.I was really looking forward to our rendez-vous at their place.

After exchanging pleasantries and little bit of  cricket chit -chat , we all took our places at the breakfast table .A delicious smell was wafting in from their kitchen and our kids looked excited .


The whole neighbourhood was abuzz with splendid stories of Mrs. Gupta’s legendary cooking skills. 
(Click here if you don’t believe me .)
Naturally we were very curious  though secretly I was also a little wary of getting something dripping in oil in the name of tasty breakfast(Nashta).
Tada ! Entered Mrs. Gupta with a casserole in her hands .We were served  delicious looking plates of  hot Chapatti Cornflakes Chivda ,with freshly squeezed orange juice .For a moment everybody forgot table manners and attacked their respective plates with full gusto. As I chewed on the yummy ,crunchy and delightfully savory-spicy  improvisation of my favourite Chivda , I was transported to heaven .And that was not all Shalu(Mrs. Gupta ) served us #Walnutchocoballs in the end .The kids (and my inner kid) squealed with delight as we bit into the chocolaty crunchy cookie.
We thanked Guptaji and the talented Mrs. Gupta profusely  and left but not before  I cajoled Mrs. Gupta into sharing her great breakfast recipes with me .All her recipes were easy to create , healthy and lip –smacking. What more can a home-maker ask for?
So now creating tasty and healthy breakfast in a jiffy is going to be a piece of cake and you can eat it too! It is low in fat and so would not make you put on weight .No more skipping breakfast , no more wistful faces at the breakfast table on hearing “cornflakes for breakfast” as they will never know that this is their everyday breakfast cereal in a new avtaar .The clever mixing of ingredients ensures that you get adequate nutrition ,fibre and taste -all in a single quickly whipped up dish .

You too can dig into Mrs.Gupta’s treasure of more than 100 mouthwatering recipes ranging from Peach cornflakes ,Peppy Papaya shake to Walnut chocolate muffins by clicking here –

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