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3G Vs 4G

When the 3G spectrum was introduced I was sceptical as to what difference an Extra G would make to my internet experience ,but the moment the extra G was added to my 2G connection , it gave me speed and freedom and it was liberating .So when I heard about the Airtel 4G   plan I was much less sceptical about the extra G ! In our Indian Culture specifically the Hindi Heartland , when we add "G (Ji) " as a suffix we are offering an elevated rank to the person addressed .So I found something funnily similar  here in 4G too , an extra G adds that respect and elevation in service to the existing 3G network consumers ! Here is why it makes sense to go for Airtel 4G 1 . Why Airtel ? - This one is simple , because Airtel is the market leader in offering the 4G subscription to its users .No other telecom is ofeering this one .Also since all my connections at home are Airtel and I am happy with the services so far , Airtel 4G has my trust already . 2. National presence

Asus Zenfestival 2015 - Launch of New Asus Zenfones and ZenPad

Recently Asus hosted the Asus ZenFestival 2015 at the Jawahar Lal Nehru stadium and I was lucky to get a sneak peek .The most special thing about this launch was that the Asus Chairman was himself coming down to launch their new offerings to the Indian market ,which is their largest consumer so far. The venue was well decked up for the event and the place  was teeming with a huge crowd already when I reached . Cyrus Sahukar the MC for ZenFestival 2015 did not stop making us laugh through his ripostes and jokes .In fact he kept the atmosphere crackling and charged up  throughout the evening . Guess who came down personally to launch the Asus new zenlaunches in India , it was non other than the Asus  Chairman Jonney Shih . Don't be fooled by his salt and pepper hair , this man has the infectious enthusiasm of a youngster and his energy filled the whole auditorium too . The beautiful actress Sonakshi Sinha , came to launch the new Zenfone S

The Garnier White Complete Fairness #7DayGarnierChallenge

Let me clarify first and foremost .I do not believe in," 'Fair is better " and do not endorse fairness creams . The only reason I took up this challenge was because I really wanted to see how true the claims are and how much the complexion gets affected first hand . #7DayGarnierChallenge            As part of the challenge we were to use the Garnier face wash and cream twice a day for 1 week and see the difference. So first a short introduction of the Garnier Complete face wash. According to Garnier -                                      Exposure to sun, pollution and harsh environmental conditions makes skin appear dull and dark. Garnier White Complete Fairness Face wash is an effective daily face wash that helps you discover clear, radiant, and even complexion. Enriched with exfoliating pure lemon essence, its formula cleanses and clarifies skin thoroughly and removes impurities that make skin dull. You get one tone fairer in one wash! Pric