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An exciting #HexaExperience at Gurugram

After experiencing the Tata Hexa at my Hyderabad Blogger's Meet (read about it here ) ,my family was subjected to me virtually going gaga about this new SUV yet to be launched by the Tata Motors .Everyone was very curious to see this new SUV and thankfully when Tata motors announced their #Hexaeperience center at Gurugram , for people to first-hand experience the Tata Hexa , we unanimously decided to grab this opportunity. At the #HexaExperience Center in Gurugram  Some "PAW " love at the KAW centre  A little bit about the other attractions at the HexaExperience centre first ... Very popular among the crowds was the K.A.W. pet adoption centre.Kanan Animal Welfare (K.A.W.) is a non-profit organization which rescues street animals and takes care of them till they are healed or adopted .Their Pet Adoption Centre was equally popular among kids and adults and you could see little kids squealing in delight on touching their pawed friends .Mine were too scared to

Food Review - Bagrry's Health Cafe

Indian consumers are getting more and more health conscious and increasingly looking for healthier options. However, healthy and tasty options are not so widely available in India right now. Bagrry’s Health Café seeks to fill this vacuum with  healthy, tasty and on-the-go offerings. Bagrry's India Ltd., the country's No.2 player in breakfast cereal category,  ventured into food retailing with quick service restaurants that offer healthier alternatives to fast foods in April 2016.  The first outlet opened at Vasant Square mall in Vasant Kunj.Recently they have opened a new outlet at Epicuria,Nehru Place Metro Station ,New Delhi . The focus at Bagrry’s Health Café  is on healthy foods and the food served here has ingredients like Oats, Muesli, Bran, Quinoa and Chia to make it a more healthier option. The sandwiches, pastas, bagels and wraps offered in the Café are made with multigrain options, with whole wheat and added bran or oats to enhance fibre and nutrition val

"The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf " - Tea and Coffee Restaurant review

                                       Recently I was invited to a tea tasting session at the  "The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf”  in the D.L.F. Mall of India, Noida. A little information first about this chain .The  "The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf”  is an  American coffee chain founded in 1963 .It is famous for introducing  original Ice Blended coffee and tea drinks .It also sells a variety of whole bean coffees, whole leaf teas, flavored powders, and baked goods. You can also get these products online or at their outlets.   Like any self-respecting Indian , I too love my morning cuppa with equal love for tea and coffee but when you are confronted with so many types and flavors of tea and coffee - it boggles your mind as well as makes you feel like a child in a candy shop .                                                                       I tasted the Estate Darjeeling tea, The African Sunrise tea, The Earl Grey Tea, The Tropical Passion Tea