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#BergerXP IndiBlogger Meet 2017 at Taj Vivanta

                                        Indimeets (a convergence of indibloggers )  is something we eagerly look forward to because it is a lot of fun and we get to catch up with our fellow bloggers.But when Indiblogger announced the BergerXp Indimeet  2017,it was an added bonus to me because a home renovation was on the cards and this meet as going to be about home painting solutions . The afternoon started with refreshments and lunch courtesy Taj Vivanta , the food blogger within me was very happy with the desserts (Vanilla ice cream and Moong dal Halwa )though the vegetarian fair was just about average . Now came the interesting part .We were given a short presentation by Mr. Vinod Das , the Chief Manager of Berger paints . In his words ,"Given a choice between getting your tooth pulled out and getting your home painted , most would opt for getting their tooth pulled from the root as the pain would last only for a few minutes in contrast to the painting that w