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Book Review - The Return of Damayanti

This Book is the second book in the Detective series by Nisha Singh, featuring our own home grown sleuth Bhrigu Mahesh , an ex-police inspector and his friend Sutte , a writer . The book starts with a rather innocuous but interesting case of a retired head clerk Nataraj Bhakti ,whose wife Damayanti seems to be haunting him after few days of her death .He requests Brighu Mahesh to take up his case and solve this mystery .Bhrigu and Mahesh then set out for Krishna Dwar the village where Natraj Bhakti resided.Krishna Dwar also happens to be a famous place for pilgrimage where devotees flock from all over India .Once the duo reach there , they are met with more mysteries , a murder and many more colourful and interesting characters .The rest of the book deals with unfolding of the mystery of the ghost of Damayanti and solving the murder mystery . In some places I was reminded of "Malgudi Days " for the immaculate narration of the life in a small village and in some pl

Five Must have Shoes Every Woman must Possess

                                            The market today is full of mind boggling variety of footwear ranging from the most high end ones that will put you back by half a million to the more affordable shoes for  woman that you will find on most street markets .So here is a list of basic shoes for your closet that will come in handy at all times and save some precious moolah by narrowing down the number of shoes :                                                 1. Black Pumps  - Pumps are basically shoes that have  closed counters and a cut out top line which exposes most of  the top of the foot from the toe box onwards. A classic pump has a seamless vamp and is made without laces, buckles, straps or ties.                                                    However certain toe box styles have been introduced like peep toes, open toes, pointed toes, rounded toes, ankle straps and other adornments, and they can have heels of varying heights and types too. A basic black mi

Restaurant Review : Papa Buns Indirapuram

                                                The NCR region is now a hot favorite with brands who are looking for upcoming neighborhoods and markets .I was recently invited to review the newly launched Papa Buns outlet at Indirapuram. Address – Papa Buns, G 10 ,GC Grand Market ,Next to GC Grand Society ,Indirapuram, Ghaziabad ,                   U.P.- 201014 Phone     - 011 33106178 Timing – 12pm - 8pm I interacted with the owner Mr. Amit Mathur, a man who has had a lot of experience in the food industry in Dubai and who has now ventured into food business in India .Papa Buns is an Indian chain of coffee shops.Their signature dish is the hot bun and Bunny Chow ,both mini meals in themselves with an array of fillings to cater to different palates .                                                                 The Bunny Chow originated from Indian community in Durban, South Africa and this dish is basically a loaf of bread which