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Breathe Clean, Breathe Easy – A short guide to combat Indoor pollution

As a doctor, I come across cases of respiratory allergies on a daily basis and many a times despite regular medicines and a healthy diet, the patient keeps coming back to me with the same symptoms – sneezing, irritation in the nose, cough, redness of the eyes, itching of the skin, hives, wheezing , breathlessness etc.                                source In such cases, there is generally a maintaining cause, which means something around the patient is not allowing him or her to recover and is causing him or her  to develop an allergic reaction recurrently .More often than not, that something turns out to be a common and seemingly innocuous part of the household itself . VOCs are the most common cause of indoor pollution and respiratory problems because their concentrations are usually higher indoors (actually up to 5 times more!) than outdoors. What are V.O.C.s? VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and Chemicals – These compounds are volatile (easily disperse

It's a Small World After All !

Before going any further I would first like you to take a look at this video which  will give you an idea about what I am going to write about ... You can also visit this link for the same All set ,now I can start my story . Harking back to the days when my father had been transferred to the Island nation of Mauritius .We kids were naturally delighted and excited .Our Mother on the other hand, was quite uneasy .This being our first foreign travel and her  knowledge of the English language was very limited . In Mauritius ,we had a huge  house on the corner of a busy road hence there were very  few neighbors in contrast to our Indian home where we knew everyone in the vicinity . School had not started ,so i was playing alone in the garden when I was startled to hear a sudden shout from behind me .I gulped and turned around to find a huge pair of scissors coming at me .I ducked .A few seconds later a

Book Review - The Hidden Spark

                                                                              Genre  - Self help,Motivational book Pages  - 197 Price   - INR 270 /- This book is available on Goodreads and  Amazon  Authors - Vikas Trivedi and Smita Agarwal About the Authors  Vikas Trivedi - For somebody who once flunked his English language Exam but now not only does he hold a Masters in English literature ; he also teaches English ,that itself  speaks a lot about his character .No wonder he wants to spread this positivity and motivate more and more people to make the best of their lives . Smita Agarwal - Smita is a graduate in Accountancy and also a professional Pranic Healer .They met through Vikas Trivedi's workshops and the idea to collaborate on a book took germ from there . About the Book  The book starts with a short introduction and preface by the main author Vikas Trivedi .It is a self help book which deals with improving the life skills of the reader .

Mughal- E- Azam - The Play

Last Saturday Night , my Man surprised me with tickets to the play " Mughal- E-Azam" .                                                           For the uninitiated, " Mughal- E-Azam"  was a blockbuster epic Indian movie that was released in 1960 after being for 9 years in the making and it broke all records at the box office after its release ad shut the mouths of the sceptics .The original movie starred Prithviraj kapoor ,Madhubala, Dilip Kumar and Durga Khote in the lead roles .It was directed by K. Asif and its soundtrack by Naushad consisting of 12 songs still evokes awe .It was the love story of the Crown prince Salim and a nautch girl Anarkali and how it shook the very foundations of the Mughal sultanate . The play has been directed by celebrated director Feroz Abbas Khan who has also directed Tumhari Amrita,Salgirah ,Salesman Ramlal and Gandhi Viruddh Gandhi etc. So you can imagine my excitement as well as curiosity as to how will Feroz Abb