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O3+ Lightening & Calming Facewash Review

                                                      About the Brand O3 - This is India's No.1 Professional Skin Care company since 2005, catering to professional beauty salons, stylists, dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons . O3+ Lightening & Calming  Facewash for sensitive skin                                                      PRICE - 385 for 50 gms / 1.8 Oz PRESENTATION - White easy squeeze plastic tube packing,sturdy ,spill proof cap ,easy to carry.This has a jelly like consistency and is white in colour.                                                               HOW TO USE  Take  a pea size amount on your palm and use on wet face , gradually lathering up and then rinse well with water.Apply on the face in circular motion, massage gently and rinse off. Use daily. This O3+facewash leaves the skin clean,moist and supple                                                         INGREDIENTS - Aqua , Glycerin, Aloe Vera Extract,Chamomile Extra

The Palm Oil Gourmet Delights Event - Myths busted about palm Oil

Recently I was invited to attend ' The Palm Oil Gourmet Delights ' event organized by the Malaysian Palm Oil Council (#MPOC ) to educate about the diverse uses of palm oil and to bust some myths about #PalmOil consumption. The event was insightful as well as it was fun filled with some interesting activities lined up that revolved around palm oil. We had a deep and impactful session from Dr. Bhavna Shah (Country Representative of #MPOC for India and Sri Lanka) which cleared many doubts in my mind.                                         During the course of the event we hopped from The Ardor 2.1 restaurant to Pandey’s Paan that have been the official Paan supplier to the President House. We had a Paan eating contest at Pandey’s Paan and one of the ingredient used was cashews which was fried in Palm Oil. Some Fun filled moments at the event   The next stop over was My Bar Headquarters, the famous pocket friendly pub which is a hit with young crowds. Here we ha

Time to step up the fitness game with #SmartHomeRevolution

Last year I twisted my ankle and unfortunately it turned out to be a second degree sprain which meant I had to avoid using that leg for a good one month .Thankfully and gradually I regained the functionality of the limb but the forced rest made me pile on unhealthy wads of fat to which I did not pay any attention to as I was more concerned about making up for the lost time on the professional front.                                                           Image- Pexels I had accepted the weight gain as part of life even as I got out of breath taking the stairs to my second floor apartment .When the buttons of my favorite Levi’s decided to get inspired by Gandhiji’s non- cooperation movement and refused to get buttoned up, I coolly chose to be unfaithful and chucked them and moved on a new comfier and roomier pair. I had full faith that once I got onto my feet, all the newly gained curves (yes I chose that flattering description for rolls of lards around my lower half!)