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Restaurant Review - Plum by Bent Chair

Location - The Walk, Worldmark 2, Aerocity, New Delhi

This is hyped as the most instagrammable place in town,and I dare say it is true to some extent.
This fine dining place has a lush and vibrantly colourful feel to it like having arrived in  the Garden of Eden .

Plum by Bent Chair has a unique concept of being India's first true retail restaurant which means that everything on display is for sale from the plates and cutlery to the ornate chairs and chandeliers .You can experience them first hand as you dine and later if you want , you can shop the article that catches your eye.
As they say here - Eat,Indulge,Buy !

The seating is luxurious !

Service is great.The servers are very helpful and have a fine knowledge of the dishes and ingredients and help you make good choices.

Food is one of the best , mostly South East Asian food is served with the exception of pizza and desserts.

Here is what we had :

1.Elder flower and Blueberries Spritzer which is a gin based cocktail , it was fr…

Wine Review - Lindeman's Cawarra Chardonnay 2016

I am back with another wine review and the object of my attention this time is an  Australian White Wine - The  Lindeman's Cawarra Chardonnay 2016.

About the Brand 
Lindeman's Wines were established by another doctor and wine aficionado like me ( Ahem...)  Dr. Henry Lindeman of  England.He discovered wine making during his travels through Europe in 1830s. He later migrated to Australia and  started vine planting in the rich soils of Cawarra , Hunter Valley in 1843.  By the way Cawarra  means besides running water in the aboriginal tongue. Lindeman's wines earned a name for themselves when they received international acclaim for  their Linderman's Hunter River Burgundy Bin 3100 and  Linderman's Hunter River Burgundy Bin 3110 Chardonnay.

Tasting Notes Vintage - 2016
Alcohol - 13%
Style - Dry
Colour - A glorious golden yellow that was so captivating on first sight that I almost forgot to take down the notes and just wanted to keep sipping on !

Nose - The nose opened wi…

How Plastic Straws are killing marine animals and what are the alternatives

According to a study conducted by the  Plymouth University of  England, plastic pollution affects at least 700 marine species, while some estimates suggest that at least 100 million marine mammals  like Whales, Dolphins,Seals and Sea Lions are killed each year from plastic pollution.
Sea Turtles and Sea Birds are other species that are majorly affected by the plastic waste left on the beaches or disposed into our oceans.

One might wonder how something as small as a plastic straw could end up causing so much havoc to the marine ecosystem.
Plastic straws are single-use, lightweight, and made from Polypropylene, a material which cannot be easily recycled and is also degraded slowly.Plastic straws are preferred to be used only once before being discarded.
Plus, these plastic straws really are non-essential (we can drink soda without a straw -straight from the glass - right?). As a result, the negative environmental impact of plastic straws…