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Kay Beauty Liquid Eyeliner - Sizzling Mocha

Hello Ladies ! I am back with a product review and this time the product that has caught my fancy is Kay Beauty Liquid Eyeliner in brown Sizzling Mocha( Yes the one that has Ms Katrina Kaif as the brand ambassador!).                                                       I was getting bored of black eyeliner and was looking for something that would go well with my medium warm complexion , so it was either dark brown or navy blue , the navy blue I tried were not really what I was looking for so I settled for this one in dark brown. I got in online from at a discount . Kay Beauty has a whole lot of exciting colours - 8 stunning shades to choose from , and very suitable for Indian complexions from Fair to Dark skinned beauties !                                              Price - INR 499/- for  3 ml , I got it at a discount for INR 374/- only and that is much more expensive than the Lakme Liquid Eyeliner but at par and cheaper than other International brands.                    

Palm Oil - Good or Bad ?

I recently got the opportunity  to attend a webinar conducted by the Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC) and I must say it was stimulating. To know more about Palm Oil , please read my previous post here                                           Here are the chief points that emerged after the stimulating  discussion with Dr. Bhavna Shah ,who is the Country Representative of  MPOC for India and Sri Lanka :   1.The Effect of COVID 19 Pandemic on the Palm Oil Trade The current pandemic has brought down world economies and Indian Economy has been no exception to this worrisome trend . (MPOC) . Malaysia being the second largest producer of Palm Oil after Indonesia was badly hit too .This Webinar aimed to dispel myths about Palm Oil and specifically about Palm Oil from Malaysia.   Vegetable Oil comprises a large part of Indian Imports. India's total vegetable oil consumption is about  23 million tons, our local production makes up for just seven to eight million tons and that too depends

Restaurant Review : Saatvik - Proudly Vegetarian

                                    Sattvik is a purely Vegetarian restaurant and is conveniently located in Select Citywalk, Delhi,so parking and getting there is not a challenge. Sattvik is derived from the Sanskrit word "Sattva " which mean pure, ethical ,clean etc. and  Sattvik food is meant to cleanse, nourish and empower the body and the soul. Safety  The sari-clad pretty lady attending  the front desk greeted us warmly, offered Hand rub Sanitizer and did a temperature check before guiding us to our table.The tables were suitably placed to maintain social distancing keeping in mind the Pandemic situation. Ambience We loved the classy fine -dine ambience ,the chandeliers gave just enough light that brightened up the place yet kept the mood inviting and cosy enough for a conversation.The light wood interiors with  accents in a lovely turquoise colour added to the appeal of the place.                                   Starters We had Avocado Toast and Dahi ke kebabs for st