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Going Back to School - How to cope with Anxiety in children during COVID 19 Pandemic

After two years of wreaking havoc new COVID cases are coming down and the government has announced a gradual re-opening of schools and colleges. Undoubtedly this decision will help the cause of education because online education has not been as successful in imparting the same level of teaching, attention, and mentoring to students as the traditional model of classroom teaching. But as a parent and doctor it also gives me an uneasy feeling. We are still expecting a third wave of the COVID epidemic, and almost none of the children have been vaccinated so far! Online education has not been as successful  as traditional classroom teaching That is a cause for anxiety for most of the parents, whose children will be joining schools. When a topic of conversation enters a living room, children then get involved too.  Just like us adults, children too have been exposed to the perils of the COVID 19 epidemic and the Social media hype surrounding it, because of which they are equally at risk of d


Our hair is called our " crowning glory " because it frames our face and makes us look attractive. Losing hair can be a painful experience, as it can affect our appearance and damage our self confidence. It can even cause depression and anxiety, which in turn can worsen the hair loss! In the recent months I have seen a surge in the cases of hair fall  particularly in patients who had recently suffered from the COVID infection. In this post I shall list the common causes of hair fall and specially the causes of hair fall after COVID infection . First of all let us learn about how healthy hair grows . THE CYCLE OF HAIR GROWTH Our hair usually grows anywhere from 0.3 mm to 0.4 mm in length everyday. The growth of the hair follicle is divided in to 4 different stages .  Anagen - Hair grows The growing phase takes two to seven years and regulates the length of our hair. Anagen is the active phase of the hair Catagen - Hair transition -This is the transitional stage that lasts ab