Brave Inked Emotions: A Celebration of Women’s Strength and Shared Experiences

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Brave Inked Emotions , a book by Dr Preeti Chauhan

Announcing the release of “Brave Inked Emotions”

We are thrilled to announce the release of a powerful new anthology, “Brave Inked Emotions,” edited by the seasoned and esteemed writer Roma Gupta Sinha, who herself has had 7 publishings under her belt. This collection of real life stories, launched on International Women’s Day, is remarkable because it features the voices of prominent and rising Indian women writers.More than just stories, these are journeys. Each piece delves into the profound issues we face as women, mothers, and professionals. These stories explore the emotional landscapes that shape our lives, right from sailing through difficult relationships to confronting societal pressures.

Why Share Our Experiences?

Sharing our emotional struggles is an act of immense courage. It breaks down the walls of isolation and reminds us that we are not alone. By reading about the experiences of others, we gain a deeper understanding of our own emotions and find solace in shared journeys.

In my contribution, titled “I was losing myself As I was losing him,” I explore the internal turmoil I faced when my father fell sick. It took immense courage to confess this struggle and to bare my soul on the page. But ultimately, the process proved cathartic. Reliving the trauma helped me gain a better perspective and equipped me with healthy coping mechanism.

Many of the contributors to “Brave Inked Emotions” are certified counselors and mental health professionals. Our shared expertise is woven into the narrative, offering tools and techniques for navigating challenges.

Finding Acceptance and Strength Together

We hope that “Brave Inked Emotions” will be a source of acceptance and solace for you. By reading about the emotional struggles of other women, you’ll discover a powerful message – “You are not Alone.”

These are stories of shared strength. We invite you to join the conversation, to spread the word, and to celebrate the courage it takes to be a woman in all her complexities.

Get your copy of “Brave Inked Emotions” today and embark on a journey of shared experiences and finding emotional resilience!

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Do give it a read , and share with us how it made you feel.

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