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  • How to lose weight with a Vegetarian Keto Diet

    Image courtesy The Keto diet for vegetarians Believe it or not, a vegetarian diet is the rage today, as more and more people have started tobelieve that a vegetarian diet is the healthiest. Studies have also backed up the theory andproved that a vegetarian diet helps in reducing chances of some prevalent diseases likediabetes, […]

  • Why Protinex with Hydrolysed Protein is good for you

    I was recently invited to attend an informative session about  “The importance of Proteins in our diet and what are hydrolysed Proteins ? ” with leading senior  nutritionists Dr. Kavita Devgan and Dr. Madhavi. It was quite an enlightening and stimulating session as we discussed about various myths and facts relating to protein intake . […]

  • Know more about the New Honey Diet

    Come summers and as the layers of clothing is shed off , the excesses done in winters also start showing up in the form of that bulging belly .All those oil laden Paranthas come back to haunt you when you see that belly in the mirror .So summer time is also correction time for us […]