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I was introduced to this brand very early in my childhood when my Mom wore Cacharel Anais Anais – the classic floral perfume from this French House .So I already have an emotional connect with Cacharel .

 Price – Mine was a gift but I saw it listed for INR 3678/- for 50 ml online .

Presentation – This perfume comes in a very cute and handy small red bottle decorated with a simple white rose print and a silver top .It is very convenient to carry and very light too .

Cacharel is a French fashion brand founded by Jean Bousquet in 1962.A bit of Trivia here – this famous brand was named after the local name of a small duck (the garganey) !
Cacharel is known for their youthful vibe, lightness, feminine style and use of bright colours.

While Anais Anais was mostly floral and demure , Amor Amor is a bolder ,floral fruity nectar and has been designed for a younger woman who loves adventure and thrill .


                                               What I liked about CACHAREL AMOR AMOR

1. I just love the delicate ,simplistic red bottle . Red being the colour of passion ,denotes a full of  life spirit to me , a  joie de vivre and so I use it when I want to feel in control and on top of the world  or on a special date .

2. The composition of the perfume is described as main notes of : pink grapefruit, mandarin, blood  orange, Cassia and Bergamot .The middle notes belong to -Apricot,White Lily,Malati Flower ,Lily  of the Valley,Rose  and base notes of  sandalwood, vanilla and ambergris ,Virginia Cedar and white  musk .

3. A perfumes smells differently on different persons , I first smell the vibrant citrus notes which  give an energetic vibe , it then quickly settles down into the white flowers and I can smell the  jasmine and lily which is heady and finally a smooth powdery and lingering sandalwood and musk  with mild hints of vanilla and Cedar .

4. The name Amor Amor means Passion or Love in french and the perfume aptly gives that initial        thrill followed by a gentle lasting undulation .

5. It is more of a skin perfume ,so lasts on the skin for upto 8-10 hours easily even in the hot    summer weather .

6. Can be worn as a day scent as well as evening wear as it does not have a strong sillage .Sillage  (pronounced as see-yazh) is a term used to describe a scented trail left by the fragrance wearer .

7. I have tried it in the hot weather and I think it is quite apt as it smells fresh and floral .

8. More than a head turner , I think it is a scent that makes the wearer feel in Love and feel good  about herself , it gives that occasional heady vanilla scent and musk and then suddenly smells ambery , has an almost haunting now here ,constantly changing perception .


                                             What I did not like about  CACHAREL AMOR AMOR

1. As with all perfumes , this is slightly expensive .

2. It has low sillage , though that is a positive thing for me ,but for those wishing to have a cloud of    perfume around them when they walk about , this may be a minus .In that case you may need to  reapply it after few hours .

3. For some strange reason , any more than a single spray and I get a headache ! So I restrict it to a    single  spray and that works for me .

FINAL VERDICT –   I rate it a 3.3 /5 .I love the attractive bottle and the way the opening notes add a spring to my step and make me feel nice .I also love the kiss of the lingering sandalwood and musk but then there is the headache to take care off too !

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